A slight drizzle makes the atmosphere pleasant again,

And the intoxicated smell of the first drop of rain.

Life moves on at its own frantic speed,

We are the servants of our own ambition and greed.

We crush our dreams for lust and money,

Our innocence and bleeding heart scream in agony.

But this mind and soul need some rest,

A brief pause from this limitless slugfest.

How fool of us trying to skip this rat race!

Need to endure everything with a smile on face.

The comforts of bed, a trip to paradise;

Boundary become blur between virtue and vice.

The rising sun of tomorrow resumes our slavery,

Raindrops please soothe us, wash away our misery.



17 thoughts on “Raindrops

  1. Very nice, I’ve always thought that the rain could somehow wash away some of the ugliness in the world or maybe that’s just me hoping someday it will.


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