It’s Time

It’s time to wake up, open our eyes;

Forget the past, the failures and cries.

One more time, the mind says yes;

One more time, the heart obliges.


It’s time to conquer all the hindrance,

Test your level of endurance.

Take a step outside your comfort zone,

Overcome the mental demons unknown.


It’s time to answer the people’s doubt,

Prove them wrong for all their flout.

Redeem all your lost self-esteem,

Fulfill all your wishes and dream.


It’s time to stand up for what is right,

Fight for justice with all your might.

Etch a beautiful smile on all face,

Make the world a much better place.


Life is short and full of uncertainty,

Make it count while you’ve the opportunity.

The place where you’ve enjoyed since birth,

It’s time to make your mark on the earth.


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It’s All About Us

It still feels like a few days before,

As I collect the nice thoughts galore.

How did this pleasant feeling start?

When did we learn to smarten the art?

The art of sharing words with eyes,

Hiding them behind the silent sighs.

The longing to see each other smile,

As we put our agonies to exile.

Nonsense talks covered the whole night,

Lack of sleep yet body felt alright.

Intentional brushing of hands when near,

Fondness of the dark of your untied hair.

The sudden plans for going out,

The corner seats cleared all doubt.

Journey from forehead to cheeks happened soon,

Also began the comparison with moon.

Occasional fights ended with funny faces,

Affection and care in warm embraces.

Splashing of water, soaking in the rain;

This childish ignorance was repeated again.

Marriage is just a mere confirmation,

Beyond perpetuity stands our relation.




Happy and content, he sleeps on his bed;

Along with so many of his proud brother’.

The green meadow, stained with patches of red;

Some still smiling, some travelled further.


Black clouds darken the bright morning sky,

There is an eerie silence engulfing the air.

Shattered dreams, the infantile closed eye,

A sense of loss choking the atmosphere.


Scars and wounds, mutilations and demise;

Triumph of victory fades under screams of agony.

Wailing of widows and mothers, the deep sighs;

Smell of gunpowder heightened by undue gluttony.


The people at the top celebrate and rejoice,

More stars, more money, an overnight sensation.

The people at the bottom got no other choice,

Than to fight against poverty and inflation.


So many buds get nipped before they bloom,

This curse poisons youthfulness and peace.

Centuries have passed, the curse still loom;

Will the suffering of innocents ever decrease?