Thanks a ton Life is all about PAIN for nominating me for this award. Honestly I was roaming here and there with my bit of writings and then stumbled upon WordPress. Initially, I hardly wrote for my BLOG but then “likes” and “follows” started to follow and I got a huge inspiration. You were one of the 1st outside my friends to like by writings and follow my BLOG. So, thanks again.

The world of literature, well connection to it was mostly textbooks of my syllabus which I left years back. I do read crime and suspense novels but it’s very one-dimensional. Then wordpress happened to me and now I can read so many different kinds of writings.

Also, I have made so many friends here. 🙂

Well, here comes the official rules of this award:



Questions and Answers:

1.Who are you and where do u belong to?

I am Prasenjit, an Indian and a Bengali from the city of joy, Kolkata in West Bengal.


2.Who is your idol and why?

Well it has to be and is a certain Tendulkar, the all-time best cricketer the world had ever seen or would ever see. His down-to-earth nature, even after achieving so much is what drives me to him.


3.Which is your favorite book and why?

The Sherlock Holmes Omnibus. I have read it so many times. Crime and detective thrillers drive me crazy and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the pioneer of this art.


4.What is beauty? And what makes you beautiful?

Beauty, to me, is something that heals the world. Something you should not be proud of but feel inner peace for the same. To me, beauty is someone’s smile. I guess it’s my smile that makes me beautiful. Am I boasting? I try not be. 😛


5.Are you single, in a relationship or married?

Well I am engaged to the most beautiful ladyin the world, my best-est friend  POOJA BAGCHI and will get married this year.


7.What is the best thing about you? And the worst one!

Best thing: I guess I am pretty grounded and friendly.

Worst thing(/s): nervous, hot-headed, easily influenced by others.


8.What do you write and why?

There’s nothing particular that I try to write. But something that I believe in or something that makes me think also makes me write.


9.Is your life difficult or is it easy?

I take life as it comes. Yes, I do complain about my life but it’s only to me. I lost my father, the only earner of my family when I was college and without any job. So, I have an idea or two about hardship is but I would say life has never been that hard on me. At least, this gets me going.


10.Who or what is God?

Honestly, never seen Him/Her; well except for in photos. I believe is Almighty who give us the courage to succeed in life, given that you really fight hard for it.

My father used to say that you would pay for your deeds in this very life and I believe in his words a lot.


11.Whom do u love, the most in the world?

Well, it has to be more than one.

My mother: Jharna Ghosh

My sister: Payel Ghosh

My gf: Pooja Bagchi.


11 random facts about me:

  1. I am an Arsenal fan, the football club from England.
  2. I work in I.T. and given a chance I want to leave my job.
  3. I am a foodie like most Bengali’s are.
  4. I have a dream to do something for the old people of my country.
  5. I am associated with quite a few NGO-s.
  6. I am not an introvert and gelling along with people is initially difficult for me. But once I gel in, I can be really crazy.
  7. I am a private person and don’t like poke my nose in other’s business.
  8. I am a bathroom-singer but my song collection is mostly Bollywood movies.
  9. I wait throughout the year for the 4-5 days during Durga Puja.
  10. I am a very romantic person.
  11. I am scared of ghosts and is terrified to stay alone at nights (although i somehow manage to sleep alone 😛 )


The 11 blogs that I nominate: (I hope she will write something some day)


And my 11 questions to my nominees are:

  1. From which country do you belong? What do you like most about your county?
  2. Name your favorite movie. Why is it your favorite?
  3. Define love and friendship.
  4. Which was the last book/novel/story you read that had a great impact on you?
  5. Narrate a funny incident  of your life.
  6. What do you aspire to become in life?
  7. Why do you write?
  8. Can money buy happiness? Please be honest.
  9. Whom do u love, the most in the world?
  10. Are you a veggie or non-veggie? What’s you favorite food?
  11. Which is your favorite sport and sportsperson?


With lots of love,

Hope to connect soon with you all,

Prasenjit Ghosh



Memoirs of Goa

9 people from 4 different Indian cities: Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow and Hyderabad. School-buddies, once spending their lives together, walking to trouble or merry land hand in hand, sharing all their moments of joy-pain, happiness- sadness collectively; now are separated by work, responsibilities and priorities. They remained connected via mobile, mails, Whatsapp but what was missing was their unadulterated adda, something which is synonymous with boys from Kolkata. So, what did they do? They decided to meet, a re-union, away from the hustles of bustles of metro cities but at the most happening place in India, Goa. Fairy-tale, isn’t it?

But life can never be a fairy-tale. It can be as brutal as I can hardly imagine. One of those 9 guys, got a new job opportunity the joining date for which clashes with their itinerary for Goa. He tries hard and genuinely to postpone the joining date but alas! When has corporate culture given any value to human sentiments and emotions! So, of went 1 and there were 8.

More planning and preparations followed as the big day was about to arrive. The pain of losing one friend from the trip was hard to go away but that’s one thing that life has taught us all quite well, move on, no matter how heavy is the burden of pain. The 1st rendezvous city was Mumbai where most of them were to meet except 2 who would straightaway fly to Goa. 2 days before this 1st tryst came the shocker of a news. The guy from Mumbai was critically ill and was hospitalized. Another sad twist to the once “oh-so-beautiful” fairy-tale.

So, the meeting point shifted from the warm coziness of the house to a dreary, depressing room of nursing-home. All tried to cheer up the other one but the loss was irrecoverable. What was thought to be a great and startling trip in the making was slowly turning into one dark hell-hole. People got perplexed and anxious that what more tragic incidents were in store. Two were gone already and the 3rd who was a doctor postponed his trip to take care of the ill friend. With fear and still a bit of joy, the others went forward.

So, 6 of them reached Goa and the 1st day was basically a “take rest and get ready for more” day. The troubles never left them behind. The 1st day it was losing of Scooty keys, the next few days had mandatory bribing the police, in between there was problem with the money-hungry Scooty owner. But in spite of all these there was no shortage of happiness. Strolling down the beach at night, zooming from one beach to another, one fort to another, one food joint and shacks to another, the “dry and smokeless parties”, taking random pictures and profile pictures, pictures of us and others, water sports and beach sports. Life felt like bliss served to them in a platter.

But it was a story of re-union. So what happened to the relationships of those 7 people?

It was not all hunky-dory between them. How can it be, physical distance creates mental distance, no matter how much science tries to make you stay connected. They fought between each other, they sobbed on each other’s arms, they got into heated arguments and they started judging each other, got ridiculed by one another. But isn’t fighting and making up, one of the main criteria of a great friendship? What’s a friendship if one can’t open his voice within friends, if one needs to think before speaking?

So, there was adda, making fun of each other, enjoying together, sharing the to be shared not to be shared things, sleeping in the same bed, wearing the wackiest of dress, helping others with life goals, sorting out problems of each others lives, long drives, singing those school and college songs together, memorializing Christmas together, making high fives, hugging each other. There was celebrating friendship, there was shading inhibitions and coming close, there was making the wobbly bond impregnable.

There was re-living the school days together.