If You

If you knew that you will leave,

Why did you give reasons to believe?

That you would always be near,

Wipe off from my face all the drops of tear.


If you planned to bid goodbye some day,

You would travel from me faraway.

Why did you constantly make me smile?

Keep me happy all this while?


If you wanted to make me alone,

Make me suffer in a world unknown,

Why did you ever hold my hand?

When I took my baby step, when I tried to stand?


If you wished to see me frightened,

Stay indifferent as the noose tightened.

Why did you protect me from danger?

Become a shield in front of all my fear?


If you loved to see me gloomy, depressed;

Found pleasure in seeing myself stressed.

Why did you read out those bedtime stories?

Create beautiful moments etched as memories?


My wretched life is a pity without you,

Can’t you see I am incomplete without you?

Please come back as my heart cries;

Hold my hand and take me to paradise.




That Known Face

That known face after so many years,

A hint of smile mixed with tears.

Sudden pause before the heartfelt hug,

How I missed this life saving drug!


How are you? Where have you been?

My friend let us relive our days of teen.

Once best friends, partners in crime;

Together our life was a beautiful rhyme.


Remember the mango tree in our garden?

Our dream world, our little heaven.

It could not withstand the pain of age,

It was finally killed by nature’s rage.


Remember the pond near our playground,

Where our happiness knew no bound.

It got buried deep under concrete and skyscraper,

Corporate has snatched our means of pleasure.


The old man who used to tell stories?

Of raging kings and beautiful fairies.

He has also left me a long time back,

His knapsack of stories has none to unpack.


Then you left with your family and business,

I got stuck in my poverty and stress.

Suddenly I was all alone with nowhere to go,

I could not write a letter to let you know.


My health deteriorated as time went by,

But I did not have a shoulder to cry.

Your money paid for the medicine bill,

But your absence made me more ill.


Now that you are here, I can breathe again;

Even in my deathbed, I can enjoy the rain.

Please hold my hand when I sleep forever,

Our friendship has always been my greatest treasure.



Search for Him

I started my journey a long time back,

In my quest to find Your existence.

A blind man who lost his own track,

Trudging aimlessly, seeking your presence.


Left my family, my home, my motherland;

Travelled to parts of the world unknown.

Closed my fists to hold the foreign sand,

I could never become their own.


With zeal and vigor, I continued the search;

Sometimes a temple, sometimes a monastery.

Roamed around in mosque, pagoda or church;

You always eluded me like an unsolved mystery.


I cried and screamed for your compassion,

Begged for blessings bowing down to the statue.

Cared for my greed, neglected any person;

Could not realize how aloof I went from You.


Tired and exhausted, unfed and nude;

I begged for mercy but none paid any heed.

I rummaged the trash can for some food,

Met a cripple who I felt was in more need.


The food gave him strength and ease,

A ray of smile lightened that face so grim.

Such a simple deed gave me so much peace,

Behind my new friend, finally I saw Him.



Silent Love

So many words to say, feelings to share;

So many times I subdue my scare.

My heart keeps me pushing towards you,

Numb are my senses always near you.


Your smile is like the raining of pearls,

The only darkness I like is that of your curls.

Nothing is purer than your innocent face,

You are the epitome of beauty and grace.


Stacks of letters and poems to deliver,

Wonder if you would know my feelings ever.

My life slows down near your address,

The magic wand of my life is with my enchantress.


My eyes secretly follow you all day and night,

Seeing you joyful makes my life so bright.

I pray to God to bless you with perpetual peace,

Protecting you from danger fills my life with bliss.


I hope one day you will look into my eyes,

Feel my pain of loneliness as my heart cries.

We will flow together in our love-tide,

Two lives, one path in this magical mystery ride.


Silent love 1