A Better World

I have kept the door open,

The door of your cage, your small world.

The world of captivity and slavery,

Fly away high from this world of misery,

With your restrained wings unfurled.


I have kept the door open,

Relish the fresh free air around.

Remember that sky is the limit for you,

Cherish the wild woods you so wanted to,

Now that there’re no shackles to bound.


I have kept the door open,

Always keep a smile on that face.

Conquer new heights, make new friends;

Reach the horizon where the world ends,

Change this world into a better place.




Hidden in your Heart

Drown me deep in your ocean of love,

So that I can never find the surface.

I have not been able to close my eyes,

From the moment I saw your divine face.

When my life gets submerged in despair,

It’s in your lap that I find solace.

Tell me what’s hidden in your heart,

I will keep it a secret with all my trust.


It’s not easy to sleep alone at nights,

Come to my dreams every day.

You’ve held my hands in this journey,

Please never leave me midway.

Seeking you has become my only goal,

Together we’re bound to travel all the way.

Share with me what’s inside your heart,

I will keep it safe from this world unjust.


You will surely feel my absence,

The next time you soak in the rain.

So many unfulfilled wishes in my eyes,

Give me a lot of restiveness and pain.

That our souls have merged into one,

It’s me who runs through your vein’.

What have you concealed in your heart?

Your selfless love can quench my thirst.





How pure are the first drops of rain!

Cure and heal all your pain.

Wash away all your sorrows and fears,

Give you relief from your bloody tears.


How childish are the first drops of rain!

Bring out the kid in you hidden.

Make your forget the rules and boundaries,

You smile heartily without your worries.


How lively are the first drops of rain!

Paint the earth green all over again.

Remove the darkness from our heart’,

Give us another chance for a fresh start.


How mischievous are the first drops of rain!

Make us do all the things insane.

We love to get all drenched and play,

Keeping all our qualms and doubts at bay.


How independent are the first drops of rain!

Make our souls liberated, our minds open.

We become free from all our bondages,

We become a free human in ages.



It was his last day at office. A farewell party was arranged to honor his great tenure at office. All were putting in great efforts to make him happy. But deep inside, he was upset and empty. His wife has passed 5 years back and son was happily settled with his family at USA. He was worried and dejected thinking how he will spend his time tomorrow onward.

He was gifted with a stick by the newest joinee in his office.

Holding it he found a sense of companionship, a true and supportive friend. He found someone he can rely on, someone who will be always with him. He no longer felt helpless or alone. Deep inside he smiled again.



She was new to this locality. She was a nurse, a care-giver; but there was none to care for her. She was alone, helpless and chased by 5 lusty human-like dogs. Those dogs were after her body, her respect, her dignity. They were barking lewd comments at her and wanted to take turns in enjoying her innocent soul. He was about to lose her identity.

She found a stick lying by the side of the road.

She yelled at those cowards and came charging towards them. The angry woman hidden inside her came out breaking the shell of the feeble women. Her eyes were emitting fire. They ran screaming for their lives. Never after was a woman ever harmed in that locality.



He was the best brain in his research institute. But God also gifted him with a slight deformity in his legs. He used carry a stick to walk else felt a bit difficulty. The jealous people around him used to think how a cripple could think so brilliantly and produce such marvels in his field of research. They tried to teach him a lesson by hiding his stick. He was also tad disturbed for the last few days as his recent work had hit a roadblock. He felt scared, vulnerable.

The cleaning stuff found and brought his stick back.

He never felt any more powerful. He started his unfinished research work with new zeal and vigor. He worked day and night to complete his work and even helped other researchers in solving their problems. Their head hung down in shame for what they had done to him. He taught those learned men a new lesson.

f lmale with swiitchstick walking stick,circles 2.jpg


She was one of the strictest principals in the school. But deep inside, she was a loving and caring mother. She always carried a cane which she never used though. That she could never became a mother made her accept all her students as her own kids. The students also loved her a lot. But then came her farewell day and she felt like she would lose all her children. She would hardly be able to meet them from now on.

Her children gifted her with a cane covered in a beautiful frame besides several other memories.

She felt elated. She got something which would make her recollect her old days and constantly remind her about her children. Her eyes became a bit wet but she was sure that her future wouldn’t be a sad and sobbing story.



He yelled loud for money near the bus-stand, he begged for his food. A small kid, he was rejected by her poor family and society just because he was crippled due to polio. His constant companion was his crutches from which he used to get support while walking. He also had a friend, a boy of his age from the locality. One day some drunkards tried to grab his money but he fought with them. They hit him, took his money and in anger, threw away his crutches to the other side of the busy road. He was unable to cross the road and he had no money to buy his food.

The little boy, his friend, grabbed his crutches and gave it back to him.

He went to the country-liquor bar and patiently waited for the drunkards to come out. He supported his frail body on one crutch and took another one his hand. He gave them a beating which they would remember till they were alive. The drunkards screamed and yelled and pleaded for mercy but he was relentless. A sense of victory and determination filled his heart.




Thanks a ton Life is all about PAIN for nominating me for this award. Honestly I was roaming here and there with my bit of writings and then stumbled upon WordPress. Initially, I hardly wrote for my BLOG but then “likes” and “follows” started to follow and I got a huge inspiration. You were one of the 1st outside my friends to like by writings and follow my BLOG. So, thanks again.

The world of literature, well connection to it was mostly textbooks of my syllabus which I left years back. I do read crime and suspense novels but it’s very one-dimensional. Then wordpress happened to me and now I can read so many different kinds of writings.

Also, I have made so many friends here. 🙂

Well, here comes the official rules of this award:



Questions and Answers:

1.Who are you and where do u belong to?

I am Prasenjit, an Indian and a Bengali from the city of joy, Kolkata in West Bengal.


2.Who is your idol and why?

Well it has to be and is a certain Tendulkar, the all-time best cricketer the world had ever seen or would ever see. His down-to-earth nature, even after achieving so much is what drives me to him.


3.Which is your favorite book and why?

The Sherlock Holmes Omnibus. I have read it so many times. Crime and detective thrillers drive me crazy and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the pioneer of this art.


4.What is beauty? And what makes you beautiful?

Beauty, to me, is something that heals the world. Something you should not be proud of but feel inner peace for the same. To me, beauty is someone’s smile. I guess it’s my smile that makes me beautiful. Am I boasting? I try not be. 😛


5.Are you single, in a relationship or married?

Well I am engaged to the most beautiful ladyin the world, my best-est friend  POOJA BAGCHI and will get married this year.


7.What is the best thing about you? And the worst one!

Best thing: I guess I am pretty grounded and friendly.

Worst thing(/s): nervous, hot-headed, easily influenced by others.


8.What do you write and why?

There’s nothing particular that I try to write. But something that I believe in or something that makes me think also makes me write.


9.Is your life difficult or is it easy?

I take life as it comes. Yes, I do complain about my life but it’s only to me. I lost my father, the only earner of my family when I was college and without any job. So, I have an idea or two about hardship is but I would say life has never been that hard on me. At least, this gets me going.


10.Who or what is God?

Honestly, never seen Him/Her; well except for in photos. I believe is Almighty who give us the courage to succeed in life, given that you really fight hard for it.

My father used to say that you would pay for your deeds in this very life and I believe in his words a lot.


11.Whom do u love, the most in the world?

Well, it has to be more than one.

My mother: Jharna Ghosh

My sister: Payel Ghosh

My gf: Pooja Bagchi.


11 random facts about me:

  1. I am an Arsenal fan, the football club from England.
  2. I work in I.T. and given a chance I want to leave my job.
  3. I am a foodie like most Bengali’s are.
  4. I have a dream to do something for the old people of my country.
  5. I am associated with quite a few NGO-s.
  6. I am not an introvert and gelling along with people is initially difficult for me. But once I gel in, I can be really crazy.
  7. I am a private person and don’t like poke my nose in other’s business.
  8. I am a bathroom-singer but my song collection is mostly Bollywood movies.
  9. I wait throughout the year for the 4-5 days during Durga Puja.
  10. I am a very romantic person.
  11. I am scared of ghosts and is terrified to stay alone at nights (although i somehow manage to sleep alone 😛 )


The 11 blogs that I nominate:

https://poojabagchi.wordpress.com/ (I hope she will write something some day)












And my 11 questions to my nominees are:

  1. From which country do you belong? What do you like most about your county?
  2. Name your favorite movie. Why is it your favorite?
  3. Define love and friendship.
  4. Which was the last book/novel/story you read that had a great impact on you?
  5. Narrate a funny incident  of your life.
  6. What do you aspire to become in life?
  7. Why do you write?
  8. Can money buy happiness? Please be honest.
  9. Whom do u love, the most in the world?
  10. Are you a veggie or non-veggie? What’s you favorite food?
  11. Which is your favorite sport and sportsperson?


With lots of love,

Hope to connect soon with you all,

Prasenjit Ghosh


Last Moments

The young night, the moon was bright;

The cool breeze, the time was right.

The diamond ring, a bunch of rose;

How hard yet loving was to write the prose.

I have waited long for this moment,

Rapid heartbeats subduing my excitement.


The medical devices, the hospital bed;

How unearthly gorgeous she looked in red!

The oxygen mask, a dash of smile;

The ray of hope in her eyes for a while.

A kiss on her forehead and a warm embrace,

So peaceful and contented was her pale face.


What have I Done

Lying on my bed with eyes open wide,

A sense of helplessness and fear.

I could feel the black clawy hands near,

The cruel night gave me no place to hide.


I tried to think what I have done,

As the hands tried to choke my breath.

Push me to the hell beneath,

I was sure that I never harmed anyone.


Then I realized my grave mistake,

I tried many ways of hiding my face.

I have become a part of this power-hungry race,

Humanity and sentiments are all but fake.


What have I done to cure someone’s pain?

What have I done to make the world better?

I have just become everyone’s debtor,

Aimless running only behind my gain.


I sat up on my bed sweating profusely,

Was it a dream or the bitter most reality?

It showed me the mankind’s fragility,

Time to give back to the world selflessly.