Flew Away

He was never so content; never had he been more pleased or satisfied. He felt he was flying; a sense of freedom engulfed him completely. He could literally see that the fireworks were lighting up the already beautiful night sky decorated only for his moment of overweening pride and sheer ecstasy with millions and millions of starts. He could see that the other people on the road were looking at him in awe, more like to give him an ovation for his admirable feat. A radiant and captivating smile covered his entire soul and body. His body was getting covered in sweat and blood. It was like his coronation was being conducted with sweat and blood; after all he was an ordinary citizen.


Meet Arijit Singha, an IT professional from the land of the great Subhas Chandra Bose, I mean from Kolkata. The biggest irony of his life was perhaps his name, Arijit means someone who has won over all his enemies and Singha means lion. He was as timid as a mouse. An introvert to the core, he found it very difficult to socialize with the normal folks. No matter Albert Einstein or Warren Buffet was born or Dexter Morgan or Sheldon Cooper was ever created, he would have still won the award for the biggest introvert in the world. His world meant his bag, his headphone and his small collection of songs. He only had a very small number of friends who hardly cared for him. That he stammered when in trouble or under pressure, which was more often than not, did not help his cause either. How he completed his Masters and grabbed a job at one of the biggest IT firms in India was a mystery which even the great Sherlock Holmes, his most favorite fictional character known for his aloofness from human beings and society, would have never been able to solve.

The moment he was out from his coop, his headphones were immediately put on. It was like his armor from his small arsenal to fight against, rather survive, in this cruel and unjust world. His parents were always quite demanding and they could never be happy with him. No matter how hard he tried to satisfy them, he always fell well short of the margin. At one time, he just gave up and accepted the fact that if he could not satisfy his own parents, he would never be able to keep anyone happy. And the seeds of detachment were sown.

Well it was very easy for anyone to understand that he could never say no to anything. So, be it in school, college or at office, he was always exploited. Be it with pressure or puppy eyes, all used to get their things done with him. Well, pressure and squeal always used to work better. His friends and teachers, well, were still somewhat compassionate, but his manager, the torchbearer of the rarest kind of douche, found soon that the only way of communicating with him was yelling at the top of his voice. He genuinely felt pleasure in repeatedly doing so.

‘Miracle’ is the word, the word you need to describe the fact that he did have Arijita in his life. Well she was his girlfriend, a person who was truly in love with him and her only expectation from him was that he kept her forever as his life partner. She saw the hidden gem in him and wanted to help him in all the ways possible. But ‘help’ is something that he had hardly got in his life and he became someone who could never be helped. He always used to think that she would leave her someday being angry or dissatisfied with him. He was irritated and unhappy with his existence. He wanted to somehow wipe him off from the face of this earth but the fear of hurting his parents and Arijita did not allow him to master the courage for doing so. He used to vent his frustrations screaming silently in his bed, muffled with the pillow tightly pulled over his mouth. Earlier he did use to complain to God but as time went by he just acknowledged the fact that his mundane existence would be his only constant companion.

Cut to the day of his glory.


He was really sick for the last couple of days but could never ask his manager for leave; irrespective of the fact that he had shitload of sick leaves left. He was continuously working for the last 10 days without any leave and his health had finally given in. To make things worse for him, he was working to complete the deliverables of the eye-candy of his manager. His part was already done and his manager made sure Arijit did the work of his sweetheart. Result, the work was completed but there was a minute mistake which could have been easily rectified by anyone. But his manager chose the path of punishing him by giving him more work after giving him an earful.

His health and workload did not allow him to look at his watch or his mobile. So, when he saw that he was already late, he thought about calling and informing his parents. But even his trusted mobile betrayed him; it was dead and he had forgotten the charger at home. With everybody already left for the day, he could not ask for a charger. He got more scared about getting abused at home after already enjoying a great day at office.

The bus he took was driving rash to say the least. He felt like an accident was imminent and was scared what would he answer at home, in case he was hospitalized or at office, in case he missed office the next day. But, at that very instant, another thought made him somewhat happy. What if he gets the chance to die in the resulting accident? It was his chance to get rid from this world. He felt sorry for Arijita but made his peace with the fact that she would definitely find someone better than him. Suddenly, he felt excited; a chill ran down his spines. But like all his wishes, this was also not fulfilled. When the other passengers in the bus showered some expletives to the driver, he changed his gear from accident to safety, almost immediately.

The conductor had to vent his anger for the expletives on someone and he unknowingly found the perfect person. He had already asked for fare from him, at least thrice, but he could not hear to his voice. The reprimand from his manager, his inability to say no in doing others work, his sick body, the short and sudden kick of leaving this world and its premature sad ending, the fear of getting scolded at home and of course his loud music helped his cause. A cocktail of emotions and helplessness blocked his already tired and injured mind and soul. It was the turn of the conductor to plunge in. When he was about to get down, he asked the conductor to take his fare. The conductor gave him a taste of classy profanity and he was somewhat thrown out of the bus. For a moment, he stood in the road, numb and silent.

He was not sure what to do. He knew that another round of howling was waiting for him once he reached home. He felt ashamed of the fact that a conductor, who was not even half as educated as he was, got away, making a mockery of him. He did not know what to do; the feeling of such sinking low was nothing new for him but the limit of his endurance was already crossed. He slowly started walking thinking about all these.

Finally, his moment of fame came. He was jubilant, elated. How long did he wait for such a moment? He finally felt that his life was meaningful.

He thanked his overcrowded mind and the headphone as he was not able to hear the repeated and loud horns of the speeding truck which hit him head on.

It was at that moment that he flew away.



The Special Gift

She unlocked the door and it was all dark. She tried to switch on the lights but alas! The power was off. She got a tad frightened as none of the other houses in the neighborhood had any power failure. There was an eerie, uncanny feel in the air; it was like it was unknown to her, in her own house. She could feel some heavy breathes near him yet she could hardly see anyone or anything in the pitch black. The dead mobile did not help her cause either. It was like it had made a pact with the devil who had tricked the power failure. She slowly made her way to the cupboard where the candle and the matchbox was kept. She took them out and tried to light fire. As she lit the fire a shrill and scared scream left her voice. She became numb, motionless as she could see a dark silhouette very close to her. Before she could regain her senses and scream for help, someone had already gagged her from behind and held her tightly.

She was scared, very scared. Her heart started to pound briskly in excitement and fear. She was not able to anticipate what was in store for her. She felt that she had somewhat angered the devil. But there was something else going on in her mind.

The tight holding was more like an embrace, slightly forceful but passionate. It turned her on as she always had this wild fantasy. She knew the touch and the odor of the perfume, her favorite Versace Eros. She knew who it was and was so relieved.

“Happy Anniversary My Love”, he whispered in her ears. “Our 25th year together.”


He had made plans for long as he wanted to present her with a special gift for their 25th. Things were slightly disturbing between them with his business hitting a real low and creditors paying him a visit every single day. He told her that he would be away on a trip in order to boost some finance for his business and would return very late that night. Her broken heart was dealt a real heavy blow with his planning, well apparent planning. She could not catch his bluff. So after he paid a visit that morning to their solicitor discussing their insurance policies, he started preparing for their anniversary. He wanted to make sure that the 25th anniversary remains as a memorable one and no matter how much trouble or pressure they were under, they would enjoy that day to the fullest.

He had covered the entire house with balloons, frills and dim light. There were candles ready to be lit on their dinner table. A nice romantic tune was adding to the mood. He had cooked her most favorite dishes. But before eating he wanted to give her some unbiased love, some real pleasure. He knew about her cravings and knew what he needed to do.

The decoration of their bed was simply impeccable. There were rose petals scattered all over the bed sheet, two heart shapes were created with some other flowers. Bunch of expensive orchids were placed on the four corners of the bed. A dim blue light made the environment all the more romantic, rather seductive. A special fragrance was sprayed which just added to the mood.

A piece of black satin cloth, some ropes and some novelty items were neatly placed by the side of it. She knew what was in offer for her and a chill ran through her body in sheer excitement.


He carried her to the bed. With the cloth he covered her eyes, real tight. Thereafter, he tied her limbs tightly with the rope to the poles of the bed. Slowly but steadily he took away all her clothes, one by one. She was so turned on by all these and did not want him to stop. He softly ran his fingers over her belly and kissed it. She was eager for more. There was a slight pause, maybe he wanted to tempt her. The wait was irresistible for her, her whole body shivering in anticipation of what was to follow. He got down from the bed and went to bring something.

As he entered the kitchen to bring out the knife, the words of his solicitor ringed in his ears.


Take my Flowers

It was 40 degree centigrade outside; a warm breeze was sucking out the life of every person out in the sun. Unless very important, the Government had issued public announcements, that none should go out between 12 to 4PM and should definitely carry water. Even the most hardened and tough adults preferred to stay inside, at home or workplace. But there are people who need to venture out in the sun, rain and storm; every day, 365 days a year. They earn very little but get the scolding, sarcasms of people a lot. They’re the day earners, the beggars.

The road was deserted to say the least. It was like the weather has ordered a curfew. No person, animal could be seen no matter how far you may look. Buses, cars were also quite few. And in the midst of all these was a feeble cry piercing the dead silence.

“Take my flowers, fresh flowers.”

She was a small sweet girl who carried an oversized sack with her. It was difficult to walk in that searing heat, how she was able to carry a sack double her size was unknown and painful to think for the few people outside. She was new to the place and did not even know where to sell her flowers. Actually her father used to sell flowers but he was ill and her mother was looking after him. Hence, the kid who would supposedly study and stay home in such harsh weather conditions had to venture out to earn food for her family. This story when she told to a fellow buyer made his eyes slightly wet. Of course, there were brutes who thought that her father was a drunkard and forced her out to sell flowers as it would grow sympathy in the minds of people. To them, that would be good for business.

Where is humanity these days, may be only God knows.

The girl was a smart one; no matter how hard or aching was it for her, she always had a smile on her face. As she was not able to find many buyers in the road, she went to the every home nearby to sell her flowers. If she was able to sell all her flowers, she would be able to buy medicines and food for her family. She was thrown into the battle for survival pretty early in her life. She was all set and cheerful, not itchy or grumpy at all.

Her behavior was so polite and gentle that all the houses she visited bought some or lot of flowers from her. She was very happy. After every 5-6 houses she sold, she would count the coins she had and think how much more she needed to earn to buy medicines and food. As the sack got lighter, her pain of carrying also lessened. But she could realize that she was well away from her target. She did not get discouraged or dejected and went on to sell with more confidence, happiness and zeal.

Two hours later, her zeal and passion was hit hard by tiredness and thirst for water. She was still selling flowers but desperately needed some rest in a cool shade and some water. She had added the coins for the umpteenth time and was sure that she would be able to take more money home than what she thought initially. But her happiness was overshadowed by her weary legs. There was a tap outside a house and her eyes were lit up. But the moment she reached near it, she found that it had dried up long time back. She sat down at the steps just beside that house. The house was in a somewhat deserted place; it was not an abandoned place but there were not many houses nearby it.

An old lady used to stay in that house alone. She was always a kind woman and was quite wealthy too. When she saw that the girl was sitting outside, panting for breath and needed some food and water, she called her in. The kid was afraid to get in her house as she did not know her and also given the location of the house. But in absence of food and water and some rest, she would not be able to move one bit. So, even after a lot of apprehension, she did go inside.

The old lady had a granddaughter almost of her age. But they all stayed abroad. So, the feeling of pity for that girl was so genuine. She gave her some water to drink which she finished in the blink of an eye along with some food. She ate the food so gladly that the old lady felt even sorrier for her. There was gratitude etched all over that little innocent face. She asked her about her family, her ailing father and there were teardrops blocking the old vision. She thought about her granddaughter and the pain became more unbearable for her.

She decided to buy all her left flowers. She was a very pious lady and spent most of her time in worshipping Gods. She needed lot of flowers to decorate the idols and photos. She went inside to bring the money and thought to give her a bit more money. The kid was so happy that all her flowers would be sold and with the food and water, she was energized again. She opened her sack to take out something from inside it. She told in her mind that it was the best time.

The blood stained iron rod in those little hands was ready to greet its newest victim.

Hunger and Love -5

The day had finally come. It was his time to go back to India.

Initially, when he came to Southampton, he was counting his days to go back to India. But with the last five months being an absolute treat in the company of some of his senior colleagues from office and also the multiple to and fro-s between Southampton and Lille, he did start to like the place. He felt sad to leave the city which had definitely accepted him with open arms. The warmth of the city, no matter the average temperature hovering between -5 to 5 degrees centigrade, had touched his heart a long time back. He wanted to carry sweet memories with him. But then, how could Abhishek not mess up his last day? He locked the main door keeping the keys inside. After some frantic calling and some more hiccups, his cab started moving towards Heathrow at about 5PM. He breathed a sigh of relief and sighs of despair.

He also had no idea about the next time he gets to see his love, in person.

Pooja knew how careless he was and was always on the phone. Without the video calling features and her guidance, he would have surely missed his flight just to complete his packing. She always wanted to come to Southampton to help him packing but he always denied. Deep inside though, he wanted her to come as he was undoubtedly the worst living packer in this universe. Pooja said she might give him a surprise to which he readily said no. He was really worried about her coming to Southampton or Heathrow, about how she would get back and such foolish stuffs and requested her not to do so. He was still worried, just being him.

He reached Heathrow well within time and handed over the luggage for check-in. He did not have anything at all to eat, the entire day. It was not that he was busy or something, just that he had to go out and buy some food, killed his hunger; a huge triumph of his laziness over his hunger. So he sat down munching a piece of cold bread covering shredded chicken, otherwise known as sandwich to civilized people. He was still worried about Pooja giving him a last-minute surprise. Suddenly, a four lettered precious and cultured word escaped his mouth and he saw Pooja coming towards him with all smiles and carrying two huge suit-cases.

“Shit”, that was all he said as his mouth was gaping wide. He could not believe his eyes.

Pooja was her typical self, not an iota of fatigue, after the journey, bubbling with an unknown source of energy. Those kohl-draped eyes, that open tuft of hair; for the umpteenth time killed him. That smile of hers can even melt the cruelest and heaviest of rocks, so what was Abhi’s heart! The shit-faced Abhi quickly turned into a smiling and romantic chap.

They hugged.

How long do you feel can two people hug? I mean, how long does the true essence, the feelings, the warmth, the yearning of a hug remain? It’s just a moment, a blissful instant.

In that one instant Abhishek felt that all his worries regarding the flight and all had been cured, all his sadness about leaving the city was long gone, all his insecurities about the journey and passengers were taken care, all his reservations about the safety of his luggage were no more.

All his dilemma whether Pooja should or not come was answered.

All his longing to see her was gone; all his pain about leaving his beloved was no more. He thanked God.

The ever-so-shy Abhishek who otherwise would not have wanted to hug in such a busy place wanted to be in her embrace forever. It was like time had stood still for him, it was like nothing and nobody else mattered to him anymore. He was lost somewhere between trance and reality. He knew that his time in London would be up very soon and clutched at the straws of time he was spending with her, the sheer passion flowing through his veins, the unbridled joy and excitement of being in her warm embrace, the priceless feel to hold her hands.

With his most favorite Bengali romantic number going on in the background, the mood got elevated to a whole new level. Then he uttered those 4 precious and cultured letters.


There were 5 missed calls from Pooja and although he heard his phone ringing, he was too numb to receive it. He was basically living the moment when Pooja came to stay with him, 7 months back. How he wanted the moments to come true but reality is always harsh.

He called her.

After withstanding the barrage of questions from Pooja who was too worried and concerned with him not picking her phone, he finally got a chance to speak. He spoke all about what he felt in those few moments, as much as can be described in words. When he finally ended, the ever so blabbering Pooja was silent. For a moment he thought that the line was disconnected and went on screaming hello, hello. Well, all he could hear was someone crying and desperately trying to hide it.

They discussed that entire day, the excitement of meeting again, the joy of being together, the long list of surprises each had planned for the other, the surreal feeling of being in each other’s cuddle, the hugs and kisses, the PDA-s and selfies taken, the journey back home and so many other things. They wished to continue forever but the watch in his hand told him that he needed to move. They disconnected the line with multiple kisses and words of concern, requests to take good individual care, with the hope of meeting again.

A dejected yet smiling Abhishek moved towards the entry gate.

Here is the link to my 4th installment for the same: Hunger and Love -4


Saving the Escort

The plan was simple. The plan was compact. The plan was discussed several times. The plan was devised by the most competent minds.

A counter plan was also in place.

The web of deceit and lies was knit, the lives of people were at stake, the safety and honour of the country was to be protected.

Alexandro Rodriguez, the dreaded and cruel el capo de la droga (the drug kingpin in Spanish) of the famous Juárez Cartel was finally caught. He was attending a reception of his cousin’s marriage in disguise of a padre but the task force of FBI and the US army Delta Force was well aware of the fact. As soon as he entered the plush villa, the officials dressed as food servers, cleaners, party planners abducted him. That was a plan slowly and steadily made with information being collected for a very long time. Alexandro had terrorised the El Paso region with his might, brutality and money. He bought or killed people who came in his way of business. The amount of lives he had destroyed by guns or drugs was simply uncountable, yet his morale never told him to stop. He was captured along with his two most trusted generals, Thiago Ledezma and Bruno Sanchez.

This was a huge success for the US government.

A matter of lost pride and valour for the Cartel. They had to hit back.


As soon as the three convicts were arrested, they were straight away bright to an American safehouse nearby. The abruptness of the attack, the acute tactical planning along with the timing and environment of the attack did not give the Cartel guys any time or chance to save their amado hijo (beloved son). The FBI knew that they would soon retort back, the chances were most likely on their way to the Biggs Army Airfield from the safehouse. They were to be taken to Washington where the three convicts would be questioned. The excitement of the trial, the global media coverage, the escorting of the convicts, the tension among both the rival parties, it was nothing short of a war zone in bud. The path was an hour-long drive but they knew they would face several problems, sudden obstructions and ambushed attacks on their way.

The plan was delicately laid, simple yet effective. This was the 1st plan.

There would be three different convoys that would burn the road in full throttle till they reach the air base. The convoys would have two guard jeeps at the front and rear. In between them would be there enforced steel trucks carrying the other personnel. Only one of the convoys would have the three convicts. They would all be connected together through radio communications. With that much firepower and manpower and the element of surprize and distraction, the FBI knew it would get their job done though they were prepared for casualties. Matt Cullen, a reputed Delta squad general was at the helm of the entire operation.

There was a problem with this plan, only one. There was a mole.

That was how the counter plan from the Cartel came into action.


The journey had just begun and the 1st attack came on the 3rd convoy. The Delta Squad were prepared for the ambush attacks but it would come that quick, they had no idea about the same. They understood that they had been compromised, their plan had been divulged. The attacks on the other trucks was just a display of the cartel’s might and quenching their thirst of destruction. Missiles were fired from all directions and bullets were sprayed like flower petals. The two fake convoys were soon badly affected and the main convoy only remained. The smile in the face of the convicts made Matt’s blood boil but he kept his cool and tried to guide the required convoy to the airbase. He knew that his team would soon be hit.

As their journey reached the half-hour mark, something hit their convoy hard. it was about to be turned upside down. He was tossed up and his head hit the roof of the truck

Matt could understand what was going to happen. He had no fear of death, what he felt sad was that he could not save so many lives; the ones dying with him, his brothers and the ones which Alexandro would destroy after getting freed. He also felt the laughing stock that the US government would become to their entire world. This would be a huge victory for not only the Juárez Cartel but for the other ones as well. They would gain more prominence and would become more fierce and merciless. He felt worried for the Delta Squad and the safety of the country and its people, that somebody could sell his brothers for some money, it pained his heart.

He promised his fiancée back home that he would soon come back from the mission. They were about to get married and planned a short surprize trip to Greece, her most favourite place. All his dreams were about to be shattered in front of his eyes. He was about to fall on the ground.

He finally fell down with a loud thud and a loud scream came out of his mouth.

There was an excruciating pain in his head. He finally opened his eyes, he feared to see dead and mutilated bodies and blood all around. But all he saw was, well he saw none.

He got up from the ground and pulled his chair up and resumed watching Sicario. The afternoon nap came at a very wrong time.


Sicario: (from Wikipedia)

Sicario is a 2015 American crimethriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve, written by Taylor Sheridan and starring Emily BluntBenicio del ToroJosh Brolin and Victor Garber. The film follows a principled FBI agent who is enlisted by a government task force to bring down the leader of a powerful and brutal Mexican drug cartel.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicario_(2015_film)


Memories of Hotel Room-2


Rebecca Wilson, the name is a brand.

A hotel heiress, a passionate model, a YouTube sensation and all these only at the age of 30, she had done it all. A brilliant singer from a very early age her 1st video came at the age of 19 and within a week or so, it had crossed 1 million views. A part of this credit would also go to her stunning look and hour glass figure. 3 years down the line, she got a modelling offer from the famous Italian designer Luigi Bianchi. He saw one of her YouTube videos and was spellbound to say the least. He chose her as the showstopper for his fall winter collection and boy! What an impact it was. She just scorched the ramp winning praise and respect from all. Few years later she started her 1st hotel, The Riverside Palace in London and in the following years she had opened the hotel in Rome, Budapest, Lisbon. At the age of 28, she was chosen by Forbes as one of the top 50 young industrialists of the world. In short, she was the epitome of success.

People would die to live her life for just one day. It felt that she had all that was needed under the sky. But then how could someone’s life be so perfect?

She lost her mother only at the age 10 and stayed with her grandparents ever after. Her father had the perfect combination of alcohol and gambling and the father daughter relationship was always cold. Her grandparents loved her a lot but she always craved for the parental love which she missed. The pain inside her made her an introvert and she found it very difficult to make friends. She found a great friend in the church though who was crowned with thorns. So, at an age when the few friends she had were going out on dates, she was spending her evenings and nights in gym or the church or with her books and guitar. Thereafter she had some minor relationships and even one-night stands as she became popular, but nothing became concrete. She might be a successful woman but deep inside she lonely, desperate for a partner.



6th January was a very special day in her life. Not only the religious side in her got a big satisfaction but it was the date of her mother’s birthday. So, all the inaugurations of her hotels were always done on this very day. This year she had not one but two hotels coming up, one in Amsterdam and the other in Hamburg. Her inauguration ceremony was a unique one. While the normal way is to light a candle or cut a string or ringing a bell, her way was the guest in honour would sprinkle the water from the river by the side of which the hotel was standing on the national flower of that country. Her tight schedule had Amsterdam in the morning and Hamburg in the afternoon. With her private jet, it was just a matter of time to move between these two cities. She got her Amsterdam baby inaugurated by the famous Dutch author Rem Van Dis. The Hamburg baby was inaugurated by the internationally renowned German model Eva Ciesla. The day went as per schedule and better the than anticipated. The response was immense for both the hotels, more so for their perfect marketing strategy. There was 50% off on all the food and hotel expenses for the 1st day users.

The frenetic schedules and planning finally came to an end. She sat down in her hotel’s bar and sipping on to her favourite and impeccably made strawberry daiquiri. She wore a sleeveless and bare back black Gucci velvet gown and was surely a head turner.

There were so many couples that had booked her hotel that day. All their happy faces and with the cash rolling quick and fast made her so happy. But deep inside she wanted someone to share her happiness. She was slightly desperate that night. Any men would have danced to her tunes but given her introvert and shy nature, she found it really difficult to approach anyone. She found that drowning herself in alcohol was the best way to end that night.

Her cravings needed a solace. It made her restless.

And then it happened.

She was about to end her 2nd Daiquiri and ordered a Martini when someone from behind came and said, “Make it two please and same as this beautiful angel wants.”

Something special was about to happen.



Rebecca saw someone standing behind her, a complete stranger, appreciating her with his eyes. As he put his hand on the bar-top she looked at the white blemish on his ring finger to which he quickly clarified that he just got back his freedom and was ready to mingle. They just hit it off immediately. Their chemistry was electrifying to say the least. He, Jonas, was the son of a local businessman and had just had a breakup from his 6 year long marriage. He got married at just 23 and the immaturity of the two led to the downfall of their marriage. She found there were many similarities between them like their hobbies and passions and thought that he was the one she was looking for. After few more cocktails, they went for the roof as she needed some air. She wanted some time away from her celebrity tag, the hustles and bustles, the crunching sound of the money counting machine. Somewhere she could be just her, somewhere where she was loved for her inner beauty, somewhere where men did not salivate over her or her money. She found the perfect guy fir her and headed straight for the roof.

Well it was so chilly on the roof that Jonas had to open his coat to provide warmth to Rebecca; did you think that something like this happened? Well you’re greatly mistaken. Nothing at all happened like what it happens in the movies. And both had their heads at the proper places and did not forget to take the coats. So, there they were enjoying the cool breeze and the night sky, sipping down a bottle of the finest of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs NV. They were too drunk and were discussing anything and everything shit under the sky, shouting and signing songs making them the most unpleasant to hear, jumping and dancing in the most absurd ways. They were having a whale of a time. It was that tiredness was a forgotten thing on that roof. But after more than hour both slept on the roof top to catch their breath. But neither could.

As Rebecca locked her lips tightly over Johan’s, they just started biting and eating their lips.

None were happy enough to just bite lips and both their eyes told what their minds thought. If you are the owner of a huge hotel, if you have the master key to all the suites of your hotel, you would always reserve one of the best suites for you.

The rest of the story follows in the $20,000 a night hotel suite. This one was only for Rebecca to chill.



As the door was opened, both of them went straight to the bed. The inhibitions were shed a long time back and it was just a matter of time to shed the barriers between the two unsatisfied bodies. But even opening the clothes was a waste of time for them. The hands were put inside the dresses to fondle the most sensitive parts of the respective bodies. The only thing that was left was easy access to those parts and they wasted no time to getting things done for them. Johan hardly took a moment to tear open the $10,000 priced Gucci and his tuxedo was soon scattered all over the room. His hands started from her lips, while his lips loved caressing her neck and milky white assets, then went straight inside somewhere which made her scream in pleasure. The German ruthlessness had taken over Johan and she was enjoying each and every movement of his hands. The slept tigress in Rebecca was woken up and she just turned him down and sat on top of him. After kissing each and every part of his body, her hands got a tight grip of her manhood. Each and every touch of her hands sent shocks throughout his body.

They were not satisfied yet and went for the ultimate.

Although none had come prepared, Rebecca started searching for something and was somewhat dejected when she did not get it. But the fun had already begun and with each thump from Johan, two things increased continuously. The pressure of the thump and the decibel of her pleasure. She kept on searching for something and finally found something.

The pose was changed from an animalistic one to a charitable one. The number and digits were already tried.

It was then that there was a loud thud, like a heavy glass item breaking.



The flower vase was broken, the glasses were scattered all over the room and Johan screamed in pain as blood trickled out of his smashed skull.

She took a bit of the blood and rubbed over her naked body. She bit his neck till blood came out and drank to her heart’s content. He was still alive, in pain and could not believe what he was seeing.

She got down from the bed and went towards the wardrobe. A click of some hidden button and it quickly turned into something else.

Inside it was undoubtedly one of the finest collections of the most insane and cruel torturous instruments.


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Death of Mute

The oppressor was about to strike again.

The death sentence was ordered with a one-sided hearing.

It would be a slow and painful death, not a quick and easy one.


He was bathed in warm water along with his wife. They were rinsed properly for one last time, before their ultimate and untimely fate. They had no say in their death sentence, they had no idea what was their guilt, they were not given any chance to defend themselves; they were weak and had no voice to raise and it was this fragility in their character that lead to their downfall. They did not have a backbone, so soft they were. There were none to protest for them and thus they had accepted their cruel destiny.

It was his turn first. He was not even given a chance to say a proper goodbye to his wife. He cried and screamed in pain and fear but nobody heard anything. The death sentence was a merciless one; not hanged or poisoned or shot till death, it was: to be chopped to small pieces. What kind of unholy, brutal punishment it was! The executioner took out his most shining and sharpest knife. He felt like a noble knight wielding his victorious sword. He thought to play a game with him just to have some sadistic fun. He took the knife near his waist and stopped for a moment with the blade touching his skin. Initially, he did not apply full force to make the first cut. He made a gentle and feeble attempt to make him think that he might avoid his death. He tried to prevent the knife to cut through his skin. He applied all his strength and the knife would not go in. He felt relieved, thanked the Almighty for saving his life and at that very moment the executioner applied all his might and he was cut open into two halves. He was bathed in his own blood and the hands of the executioner was also smeared with his blood. He found immense pleasure and pride in his act and made more scratches. The more he enjoyed the killing, the more random and vicious the wounds became.

After her husband’s death, it was her turn now. She was still in pain of losing the love of his life but there was no mercy shown to the widow. Her death was somewhat easier though. The killer had found all the fun in killing her husband and her death was a quick one with no games played. She felt satisfied in all her pain as she knew that she would soon be able to meet with her husband in some other world. She thanked God for sending her to her husband almost immediately after his death. The executioner finally washed his hands and diverted his attention towards others.

Thus, the tomatoes were finally chopped for the curry.

Some hours later, the veg-eating family thanked the Lord for giving them courage and sanity to live their lives without eating a living creature as they sat around the dinner table.