Fight for Survival


Even before you grow in your mother’s womb,

It has already begun for you.

It’s defines what you’ll become in future,

Your survival instincts depend on it too.


Sometimes it’s against social anarchy and ignorance,

Sometimes it’s the expectations of the family.

Sometimes it’s against your own dreams and ambitions,

You are left bruised and hopeless, suffering lonely.


Even a small mistake will cost you dear,

The pressure is intense, the burden relentless;

No time to mull over your loss or failure,

The feeling is surreal when you taste success.


The end of one makes way for another,

Monotonous and strenuous like an old river.

It becomes the part of your daily life,

The struggle for existence goes on forever.


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All I Have to Say

No matter I live or perish into oblivion,

Please stay in my heart forever.

When I rest for the most peaceful sleep,

In my dreams, you have to appear.

Whenever that face glows with divine smile,

I want to be the reason behind your cheer.

This is all that I have to say,

This is all that I always pray.


When you dance and play in the rain,

The drops will remind you of my presence.

The rays welcome you to the new day,

I try to make your day quintessence.

I remain silent or speak those words softly,

You shall be able to get the essence.

This is all that I have to say,

This is all that I always pray.


I am the wind that blows your untied hair,

And surround you always with bliss.

If you ever want to feel me,

I can stay on your lips as the eternal kiss.

I stay in or away from your sight,

I always want to you to miss.

This is all that I have to say,

This is all that I always pray.






Those long football matches in the fields,

Sleeping and dreaming in the green cot.

The dives and splashes in the ponds,

Only you were always in my thought’.


The flying of kites on breezy mornings,

The cycle races to unknown places.

Copying the answers during the exams,

Sharing the lunch-box during the recess.


The fighting for ridiculous reasons,

The shrill hearty cries to talk again.

Celebrating the success of one with the other,

Trying to help when the other was in pain.


Being part of the same prank together,

Getting punished for each-others mistake.

Laughing our lungs out on the silly jokes,

The river called friendship had no break.


Now when I look back upon those days,

With nothing else to do on a lazy afternoon.

The eyes get wet with a hint of smile,

How I wish that those days are back soon!