Look at the Sky

I look at the sky, restless and angry;

Scaring all with lightning and thunder.

Muffling by voice as I scream in agony,

Broken, depressed and lifeless monotony.


I look at the sky, dark and gloomy;

As the famine heart waits for a drop.

So that I can hide my hopeless tears,

Drench to wash away all my fears.


I look at the sky, bright and shiny;

The morning sun brings a new ray of hope.

How I wish things will become right!

As I survive another day to fight.

Hopeful man.JPG


Our Love

The sun may suddenly lose all its light,

The superpowers may stop to fight,

The snow may no longer remain white,

My heart will beat eternally only for you.


The birds someday may forget to fly,

The course of the Nile may become dry,

The peeling onion may not make us cry,

We will together make our dreams true.


The smile of Monalisa may vanish,

The beauty of Aphrodite may diminish,

The moon may get rid of its blemish,

Our love is pure as the morning dew.


The diamond may never shine again,

The common mass will rise within pain,

The effort of the failed won’t go in vain,

Our essence of love will always remain new.



4 Liners-4


We all are driven by likes and rating,

Doesn’t matter if our morale gets a beating.

Fake defines us though the hearts have cried,

The sapling of innocence has since dried.



People run behind money and fame,

Intentional blinkers avert noticing quicksand.

Monetary comfort will make their life grand,

Finally, they have only themselves to blame.



We have forgotten how to feel and convey,

We can hardly speak when meet someone.

Science has guided humans the right way,

Robots have taken over the world for fun.



He raised his voice against political oppression,

So many praised him in debate and social media.

None came to the forefront to spread his idea,

The democracy bestows his family with depression.


That Auspicious Day

How much we longed for that auspicious day!

The day we would become united forever.

So many plans to travel together, all the way;

Nothing could happen to our bond to sever.


The friendship was getting a new meaning,

Wanted to scream to the world that I love you.

Tension of the big day hid behind our smiling,

The dreams seen were about to become true.


The never ending call the night before,

Recollecting the memories of our mushy romance.

How we wished we could talk a bit more!

The rising sun forced us out of our trance.


The journey to the destination, a long one;

Lost in the thoughts of the moments to savour.

Happy faces around soaked in the fun,

The enthusiasm was too much to wait for.


But fate had some other plans for us,

Where is the fun in the happy ending?

A speeding truck hit her wedding bus,

I suddenly wake up sweating, screaming.


I stand down from my bed to find her,

There is medication and beeping monitor.

4 Liners-3


We all feel that it’s my life, my rules;

The whole world is a bunch of fools.

I am superior, smarter than others;

The world is beautiful with happy brothers.


There is mud in politics, filth in society;

We despise, we debate, but do nothing.

We clean our house when it gets dirty,

Hope the world becomes a better place for living.


They said a pen is mightier than a sword,

The powerful used swords for their gain.

The moralists used pen to solve discord,

Till the swords cut all hands to hold a pen.


The sun shines, the wind blow’;

Change is constant is what they say.

The moment you flow the other way,

The system will make you follow.



4 Liners-2


We need permission to speak, to write;

We can’t use logic to decide what’s right.

We need to be eternally phoney to live,

But the world is a democracy we all believe.


The world is the biggest ever playground,

Where the rich play with the economical,

The influential have power as their pal,

The mire of destiny gets the broken drowned.


The oppressed believes in the miracle of God,

Day and night, he worships, sings His hymn.

His blessings will protect him against all odd,

Busy for the affluent, He has no time for him.


We hope for equality and peace,

We carry silent marches for justice.

We act blind towards the deaf people,

Who have anyways made us cripple.


Four Liners-1


Alone and aloof, staring at the blank ceiling;

I started scribbling nonsense on the white board.

The gibberish scrawl, beyond sanity and meaning;

I was suddenly complete in my new-found world.


Are we deep in sleep or awake?

Is everything around real or fake?

Are we surrounded by living or dead?

I open my eyes sweating in my bed.


I feel sorry for the poverty and illiteracy around,

Heart cries at the sight of malnourished children.

Corruption makes my whole body shake in pain,

That’s all I do to save them from getting drowned.


We all have killed with our own bare hand’,

Nipped in buds, so many of them.

Trampled them in our quest of money and fame,

But can castles be built with wet sand?