Saving the Escort

The plan was simple. The plan was compact. The plan was discussed several times. The plan was devised by the most competent minds.

A counter plan was also in place.

The web of deceit and lies was knit, the lives of people were at stake, the safety and honour of the country was to be protected.

Alexandro Rodriguez, the dreaded and cruel el capo de la droga (the drug kingpin in Spanish) of the famous Juárez Cartel was finally caught. He was attending a reception of his cousin’s marriage in disguise of a padre but the task force of FBI and the US army Delta Force was well aware of the fact. As soon as he entered the plush villa, the officials dressed as food servers, cleaners, party planners abducted him. That was a plan slowly and steadily made with information being collected for a very long time. Alexandro had terrorised the El Paso region with his might, brutality and money. He bought or killed people who came in his way of business. The amount of lives he had destroyed by guns or drugs was simply uncountable, yet his morale never told him to stop. He was captured along with his two most trusted generals, Thiago Ledezma and Bruno Sanchez.

This was a huge success for the US government.

A matter of lost pride and valour for the Cartel. They had to hit back.


As soon as the three convicts were arrested, they were straight away bright to an American safehouse nearby. The abruptness of the attack, the acute tactical planning along with the timing and environment of the attack did not give the Cartel guys any time or chance to save their amado hijo (beloved son). The FBI knew that they would soon retort back, the chances were most likely on their way to the Biggs Army Airfield from the safehouse. They were to be taken to Washington where the three convicts would be questioned. The excitement of the trial, the global media coverage, the escorting of the convicts, the tension among both the rival parties, it was nothing short of a war zone in bud. The path was an hour-long drive but they knew they would face several problems, sudden obstructions and ambushed attacks on their way.

The plan was delicately laid, simple yet effective. This was the 1st plan.

There would be three different convoys that would burn the road in full throttle till they reach the air base. The convoys would have two guard jeeps at the front and rear. In between them would be there enforced steel trucks carrying the other personnel. Only one of the convoys would have the three convicts. They would all be connected together through radio communications. With that much firepower and manpower and the element of surprize and distraction, the FBI knew it would get their job done though they were prepared for casualties. Matt Cullen, a reputed Delta squad general was at the helm of the entire operation.

There was a problem with this plan, only one. There was a mole.

That was how the counter plan from the Cartel came into action.


The journey had just begun and the 1st attack came on the 3rd convoy. The Delta Squad were prepared for the ambush attacks but it would come that quick, they had no idea about the same. They understood that they had been compromised, their plan had been divulged. The attacks on the other trucks was just a display of the cartel’s might and quenching their thirst of destruction. Missiles were fired from all directions and bullets were sprayed like flower petals. The two fake convoys were soon badly affected and the main convoy only remained. The smile in the face of the convicts made Matt’s blood boil but he kept his cool and tried to guide the required convoy to the airbase. He knew that his team would soon be hit.

As their journey reached the half-hour mark, something hit their convoy hard. it was about to be turned upside down. He was tossed up and his head hit the roof of the truck

Matt could understand what was going to happen. He had no fear of death, what he felt sad was that he could not save so many lives; the ones dying with him, his brothers and the ones which Alexandro would destroy after getting freed. He also felt the laughing stock that the US government would become to their entire world. This would be a huge victory for not only the Juárez Cartel but for the other ones as well. They would gain more prominence and would become more fierce and merciless. He felt worried for the Delta Squad and the safety of the country and its people, that somebody could sell his brothers for some money, it pained his heart.

He promised his fiancée back home that he would soon come back from the mission. They were about to get married and planned a short surprize trip to Greece, her most favourite place. All his dreams were about to be shattered in front of his eyes. He was about to fall on the ground.

He finally fell down with a loud thud and a loud scream came out of his mouth.

There was an excruciating pain in his head. He finally opened his eyes, he feared to see dead and mutilated bodies and blood all around. But all he saw was, well he saw none.

He got up from the ground and pulled his chair up and resumed watching Sicario. The afternoon nap came at a very wrong time.


Sicario: (from Wikipedia)

Sicario is a 2015 American crimethriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve, written by Taylor Sheridan and starring Emily BluntBenicio del ToroJosh Brolin and Victor Garber. The film follows a principled FBI agent who is enlisted by a government task force to bring down the leader of a powerful and brutal Mexican drug cartel.




Memories of Hotel Room-2


Rebecca Wilson, the name is a brand.

A hotel heiress, a passionate model, a YouTube sensation and all these only at the age of 30, she had done it all. A brilliant singer from a very early age her 1st video came at the age of 19 and within a week or so, it had crossed 1 million views. A part of this credit would also go to her stunning look and hour glass figure. 3 years down the line, she got a modelling offer from the famous Italian designer Luigi Bianchi. He saw one of her YouTube videos and was spellbound to say the least. He chose her as the showstopper for his fall winter collection and boy! What an impact it was. She just scorched the ramp winning praise and respect from all. Few years later she started her 1st hotel, The Riverside Palace in London and in the following years she had opened the hotel in Rome, Budapest, Lisbon. At the age of 28, she was chosen by Forbes as one of the top 50 young industrialists of the world. In short, she was the epitome of success.

People would die to live her life for just one day. It felt that she had all that was needed under the sky. But then how could someone’s life be so perfect?

She lost her mother only at the age 10 and stayed with her grandparents ever after. Her father had the perfect combination of alcohol and gambling and the father daughter relationship was always cold. Her grandparents loved her a lot but she always craved for the parental love which she missed. The pain inside her made her an introvert and she found it very difficult to make friends. She found a great friend in the church though who was crowned with thorns. So, at an age when the few friends she had were going out on dates, she was spending her evenings and nights in gym or the church or with her books and guitar. Thereafter she had some minor relationships and even one-night stands as she became popular, but nothing became concrete. She might be a successful woman but deep inside she lonely, desperate for a partner.



6th January was a very special day in her life. Not only the religious side in her got a big satisfaction but it was the date of her mother’s birthday. So, all the inaugurations of her hotels were always done on this very day. This year she had not one but two hotels coming up, one in Amsterdam and the other in Hamburg. Her inauguration ceremony was a unique one. While the normal way is to light a candle or cut a string or ringing a bell, her way was the guest in honour would sprinkle the water from the river by the side of which the hotel was standing on the national flower of that country. Her tight schedule had Amsterdam in the morning and Hamburg in the afternoon. With her private jet, it was just a matter of time to move between these two cities. She got her Amsterdam baby inaugurated by the famous Dutch author Rem Van Dis. The Hamburg baby was inaugurated by the internationally renowned German model Eva Ciesla. The day went as per schedule and better the than anticipated. The response was immense for both the hotels, more so for their perfect marketing strategy. There was 50% off on all the food and hotel expenses for the 1st day users.

The frenetic schedules and planning finally came to an end. She sat down in her hotel’s bar and sipping on to her favourite and impeccably made strawberry daiquiri. She wore a sleeveless and bare back black Gucci velvet gown and was surely a head turner.

There were so many couples that had booked her hotel that day. All their happy faces and with the cash rolling quick and fast made her so happy. But deep inside she wanted someone to share her happiness. She was slightly desperate that night. Any men would have danced to her tunes but given her introvert and shy nature, she found it really difficult to approach anyone. She found that drowning herself in alcohol was the best way to end that night.

Her cravings needed a solace. It made her restless.

And then it happened.

She was about to end her 2nd Daiquiri and ordered a Martini when someone from behind came and said, “Make it two please and same as this beautiful angel wants.”

Something special was about to happen.



Rebecca saw someone standing behind her, a complete stranger, appreciating her with his eyes. As he put his hand on the bar-top she looked at the white blemish on his ring finger to which he quickly clarified that he just got back his freedom and was ready to mingle. They just hit it off immediately. Their chemistry was electrifying to say the least. He, Jonas, was the son of a local businessman and had just had a breakup from his 6 year long marriage. He got married at just 23 and the immaturity of the two led to the downfall of their marriage. She found there were many similarities between them like their hobbies and passions and thought that he was the one she was looking for. After few more cocktails, they went for the roof as she needed some air. She wanted some time away from her celebrity tag, the hustles and bustles, the crunching sound of the money counting machine. Somewhere she could be just her, somewhere where she was loved for her inner beauty, somewhere where men did not salivate over her or her money. She found the perfect guy fir her and headed straight for the roof.

Well it was so chilly on the roof that Jonas had to open his coat to provide warmth to Rebecca; did you think that something like this happened? Well you’re greatly mistaken. Nothing at all happened like what it happens in the movies. And both had their heads at the proper places and did not forget to take the coats. So, there they were enjoying the cool breeze and the night sky, sipping down a bottle of the finest of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs NV. They were too drunk and were discussing anything and everything shit under the sky, shouting and signing songs making them the most unpleasant to hear, jumping and dancing in the most absurd ways. They were having a whale of a time. It was that tiredness was a forgotten thing on that roof. But after more than hour both slept on the roof top to catch their breath. But neither could.

As Rebecca locked her lips tightly over Johan’s, they just started biting and eating their lips.

None were happy enough to just bite lips and both their eyes told what their minds thought. If you are the owner of a huge hotel, if you have the master key to all the suites of your hotel, you would always reserve one of the best suites for you.

The rest of the story follows in the $20,000 a night hotel suite. This one was only for Rebecca to chill.



As the door was opened, both of them went straight to the bed. The inhibitions were shed a long time back and it was just a matter of time to shed the barriers between the two unsatisfied bodies. But even opening the clothes was a waste of time for them. The hands were put inside the dresses to fondle the most sensitive parts of the respective bodies. The only thing that was left was easy access to those parts and they wasted no time to getting things done for them. Johan hardly took a moment to tear open the $10,000 priced Gucci and his tuxedo was soon scattered all over the room. His hands started from her lips, while his lips loved caressing her neck and milky white assets, then went straight inside somewhere which made her scream in pleasure. The German ruthlessness had taken over Johan and she was enjoying each and every movement of his hands. The slept tigress in Rebecca was woken up and she just turned him down and sat on top of him. After kissing each and every part of his body, her hands got a tight grip of her manhood. Each and every touch of her hands sent shocks throughout his body.

They were not satisfied yet and went for the ultimate.

Although none had come prepared, Rebecca started searching for something and was somewhat dejected when she did not get it. But the fun had already begun and with each thump from Johan, two things increased continuously. The pressure of the thump and the decibel of her pleasure. She kept on searching for something and finally found something.

The pose was changed from an animalistic one to a charitable one. The number and digits were already tried.

It was then that there was a loud thud, like a heavy glass item breaking.



The flower vase was broken, the glasses were scattered all over the room and Johan screamed in pain as blood trickled out of his smashed skull.

She took a bit of the blood and rubbed over her naked body. She bit his neck till blood came out and drank to her heart’s content. He was still alive, in pain and could not believe what he was seeing.

She got down from the bed and went towards the wardrobe. A click of some hidden button and it quickly turned into something else.

Inside it was undoubtedly one of the finest collections of the most insane and cruel torturous instruments.


and here is the link to the 1st part of this series: Memories of Hotel Room-2



Death of Mute

The oppressor was about to strike again.

The death sentence was ordered with a one-sided hearing.

It would be a slow and painful death, not a quick and easy one.


He was bathed in warm water along with his wife. They were rinsed properly for one last time, before their ultimate and untimely fate. They had no say in their death sentence, they had no idea what was their guilt, they were not given any chance to defend themselves; they were weak and had no voice to raise and it was this fragility in their character that lead to their downfall. They did not have a backbone, so soft they were. There were none to protest for them and thus they had accepted their cruel destiny.

It was his turn first. He was not even given a chance to say a proper goodbye to his wife. He cried and screamed in pain and fear but nobody heard anything. The death sentence was a merciless one; not hanged or poisoned or shot till death, it was: to be chopped to small pieces. What kind of unholy, brutal punishment it was! The executioner took out his most shining and sharpest knife. He felt like a noble knight wielding his victorious sword. He thought to play a game with him just to have some sadistic fun. He took the knife near his waist and stopped for a moment with the blade touching his skin. Initially, he did not apply full force to make the first cut. He made a gentle and feeble attempt to make him think that he might avoid his death. He tried to prevent the knife to cut through his skin. He applied all his strength and the knife would not go in. He felt relieved, thanked the Almighty for saving his life and at that very moment the executioner applied all his might and he was cut open into two halves. He was bathed in his own blood and the hands of the executioner was also smeared with his blood. He found immense pleasure and pride in his act and made more scratches. The more he enjoyed the killing, the more random and vicious the wounds became.

After her husband’s death, it was her turn now. She was still in pain of losing the love of his life but there was no mercy shown to the widow. Her death was somewhat easier though. The killer had found all the fun in killing her husband and her death was a quick one with no games played. She felt satisfied in all her pain as she knew that she would soon be able to meet with her husband in some other world. She thanked God for sending her to her husband almost immediately after his death. The executioner finally washed his hands and diverted his attention towards others.

Thus, the tomatoes were finally chopped for the curry.

Some hours later, the veg-eating family thanked the Lord for giving them courage and sanity to live their lives without eating a living creature as they sat around the dinner table.



He Is Taken


Arre Yaar (hey buddy in Hindi), he is taken!!!!!” a sad and dejected Vani uttered those words in utter disgust.

“Taken? What do you mean by taken? He looks so young; how could he be taken?” Mandira kind of screamed in sheer disbelief.

“My dear asshole, does not young people get married?” an angry Vani retorted.

“Married? What the hell!!! When you said taken I thought he has a girlfriend or something like that. How do you know that he is married?” Mandira’s disbelief had reached a real high as she spoke.

“Look at this FB post from a year back. He is there smiling with his wife Nupur. What a pretty couple!! They look so cute together.” Vani’s smartness oozed out every bit although it was marred by her wretchedness.

Mandira was in awe of Vani’s quick thinking. She said, “You have already searched and found him in FB? You’re a genius. Let me see the post.” And then she screamed again in disbelief, “Gosh!!!! Not only married. He has a daughter too, Neha. How can he have a daughter? He looks so dashing and handsome!! Is not he too young to have a daughter?”

Vani chose to ignore her as they both started daydreaming about him.



Viraj Awasthi was the new Mechanics professor at the Meerut Institute of Technology, one of the most promising engineering colleges in all over Uttar Pradesh in India. Smart and suave, flamboyant and smart, he had completed his Masters in Applied Mechanics from NIT Allahabad and came to the teaching profession. He could have easily gone for some high paying jobs but the moralistic person he was, he felt that it was his duty to pay his dues to his country and chose this profession so that he could create more educated Indians like him. With his look and knowledge, his mannerisms and speaking ability, he was always a popular guy among both boys and girls, more with the girls. It was his 1st day of teaching at the new college and like many others, Vani and Mandira had already fallen for him.

“How lucky is his wife!!! Such a hot and good-looking husband with so much wisdom. PHEW!!!” Mandira left a deep sigh. “I wish I could spend some more time with him. I would do anything to meet him beyond the college hours. Think of something, my dear intelligent friend. Only you can save me from this pain. My future is dark without him, you’re my saviour, my friend. I will do anything to go out on a date with him but will he take me? Help me God!!!!” Mandira chuckled and staged a fake drama being her typical self. She could see that Vani was already on to something.

“Give me some time. I have already thought about something. But whatever happens, we will share it together. Don’t be a bitch then. Deal?”

Mandira got excited and screamed, “Deal, deal, deal. Tell me your plan, I just can’t wait.”

Vani used some chosen expletives to shut her up and curb her enthusiasm.

A month or so passed in waiting. Mandira had requested at least a hundred times in all this while to share Vani’s master plan with her. Her drama had already reached a new high and Vani knew that she had to execute her master plan much before than what she had on her mind in order to stop the theatrics of her friend. She was fed up of Mandira’s childish behaviours but she knew that was how she was. She told her to have some patience or else she would screw the whole plan. Mandira used to act like she got scared, every single time and start placating Vani which angered her even more.

In the meantime, Vani had already found more about Viraj’s family. They were so deeply in love with him that professor Awasthi for others had become Viraj for them. Every day after finishing his lunch he used to come out of the teacher’s room and call someone for at least 10-15 minutes. The love and romance that showered from her eyes and voice during the entire conversation, she was quite sure that he was a one-woman man who genuinely cared and loved his family. Her heart got broken one more time when once she heard him sharing kisses during the phone call. Although she felt, it was childish to kiss his wife that way, nevertheless it broke her heart. He felt slightly jealous too of Nupur Mam and about her perfect life. The same happened when she passed on the message to Mandira who went into a mini depression after hearing this till Vani took the matters in her hands and again used a scolding decorated with expletives.

Finally, the day came to execute Vani’s plan.



“Awasthi sir, me and Mandira are both struggling with the chapter on pulley. The sums are too difficult when we try to solve them. The ones you solve in class seem so easy but when we go home and practice for the assignments, we could hardly solve one. Is it possible for you to stay an hour after college to give us some guidance? Please sir, we desperately need your help.” Mandira was just too impressed with Vani’s intelligence and courage.

Viraj, the intelligent he was and the number of times he had faced such situations in the past was experienced enough to understand that they were blatantly hitting on him, no matter how much the two tried to hide it from him. He smiled at them politely and said, “I am really sorry but I can’t stay an hour after college. I must return home quickly to my family, to my wife, mother and daughter. We need to find time during recess, may be.”

Both Vani and Mandira’s hopes were shattered, not brutally but sweetly, to small pieces by the person they were both deeply in love. He could have been their redeemer but he pushed them away to the brink of hopelessness and frustration. The only thing that ringed continuously in their minds was ‘to my wife’.

Suddenly, Viraj said in an excited tone, “Hey, why don’t you come to my house for tuition? If you come to my house, I can easily teach you for more than an hour or till doubts get cleared. You need not pay me anything, just let your parents know about it. You people happy now?”

For the 1st time Mandira spoke out, “Happy? We are ecstatic. We will come from today, can we come from today?” Mandira tried to go on with her blabbering but a strong pinching from Vani stopped her midway.

Vani smartly managed the whole situation saying, “Let us discuss with our parents and then we will let you know. Is it ok sir? Can we have your number in case our parents want to discuss with you anything? I hope this won’t be a problem for you.”

“No problem Vani. Here is my number 9864……”

Both of them could not believe what they just heard. They were numb for a moment and then they just screamed in joy.



A week later they packed their bags and went to Viraj’s house after the college was over. On one hand, they were excited to be able to meet and see him for more time than the small time they get in the college but on the other hand, the thought of seeing him with his love, his wife made them unhappy and miserable. They were not in a state of mind to share him with some other woman but that was the reality. They quickly came to terms with it and explained to themselves that at least they were lucky enough to spend more time with him and that was by no means a gift they dared to waste. As they reached the house, they rang the doorbell.

Viraj opened the door for them with Neha clinging to his feet. He quickly picked her up and went inside. Both Vani and Mandira understood that he went inside to keep her with her mother. They both released deep sighs.

Viraj started explaining the entire chapter to them before getting on with the sums. About half an hour later, he could understand that both were restless, their minds were somewhere else. He caringly and gently asked them, “Am I not able to make you understand the chapter properly? Are you still facing problems to understand it? You too seem to be distracted somewhere, you need to pay attention ladies. I know it’s a bit tough but with a bit of dedication and seriousness, it should not be much of a problem to get most of the sums done. Tell me about your issue please.”

Both of them were thinking only about Nupur whom they had not seen even once. They were thinking about her and her perfect life. They wanted to see how seamless she was to deserve such a great husband. Viraj’s sudden question took them by surprize and they had no answer to respond.

Suddenly, Vani said, “Where is Nupur Mam? Is not she at home? We met with Neha but not with Nupur Mam.”

Viraj had a hearty laugh. “Gosh!! You’re so preoccupied as you want to see Nupur, seriously? Is it so? She is in the room with Neha and my mother. You want to meet her, come I will take you two.”

Vani and Mandira knew they were about to see their competitor, rather the winner of the competition which they had lost even before participating. Their hearts were too heavy bearing the burden of so much pain and loss. They had no idea of what they were doing and just merely followed their professor to his room.

As they entered the room, they saw Neha sitting in the lap of her grandma. They found Nupur Mam nowhere in the room.


She was there in the room though, in a large photo frame decorated with a garland and a candle burning in front of it.


Never Leave You


Their marriage had already hit the rock bottom. Getting separated was just a matter of time.

Theirs was a love marriage. Deep and Priya.

They met at their work place. They were not part of the same team but had common friends who all used to go to lunch together. A month later, all the friends kept on going to lunch together, except for them. They came later after the rush was over so that they can share the sudden squeezing of cheeks, blank stares towards one another, go for the small yet romantic walks. A courtship of two years and after that they decided to get married. Life felt heavenly to both.

The first couple of years after marriage were full of bliss and passion for them. They could hardly stay away from each other and the office messenger was used more for sharing love and care, rather than for official work. They waited for the lunch and evening tea breaks as they moved to different projects. The breaks were more for sharing giggles and sighs; food had become a formality. The nights in bed passed so quickly that they wanted the nights to never end. She always used to tell him that she would never leave him, come what may and he felt great relief in those words. Everything was going hunky-dory in their lives.

And then suddenly, things took a real wicked turn for them.



The recession hit the whole world in 2008 and that was when the 1st nail was put in the coffin. Deep had a small tiff with his boss a few months leading to the recession and for some reason he was not ready to budge. When his boss found that he had to release 40 percent of the present work strength, it was quite imaginable that he would be the first to get the axe. It happened as expected. He was handed over the pink slip and the whole world became dark in front of his eyes in that very instant. He knew that it would be difficult to get a job in that situation, forget a reasonable job. For the next one year, he remained unemployed and after that he managed to get a job whose salary was as paltry as it could get.

On the other hand, Priya had managed to hold on to her job and after the workforce decreased significantly, she quickly climbed up the ladders of success. Within the next 2 years she had cemented her place in office efficaciously bagging a promotion which none could even think of in that short span of time. Her dedication, hard work and PR skills had paid off. She had also become the blue-eyed girl of her boss.

The male ego was brutally hurt and it took a toll on their marriage.

The relationship soured just in the blink of an eye. Deep started ill-treating Priya but she used to make no qualms or complains as she knew what he was going through. Her undying love for him never made his actions dampen the warmth she had for him. She used to accept all his tantrums and mood swings with a smile and behave like nothing had happened. It was not that he did not love her, but the bruised ego was slowly darkening his sight, making him unable to see her love and making him a robot who forgot how to show his feelings to her. Things got worse once Deep started dedicating his time at home to liquor. The more the night proceeded, the darkness of separation increased along with the decibel of voice. The perfect marriage had turned into a silly and cruel battle.

The smiley faced and bubbly natured Priya changed to a pale faced and anxious looking nervous woman and that was not missed by anyone except Deep. Slowly but steadily, Priya started sharing her ordeals with her friends and used to find a bit of comfort, but not everything that she wanted. At that juncture, she met with Ayan who was a new joinee in her company. Not only she found solace on his shoulders and warmth in his heart, she also tried to find what she had been missing for so long. And thus, started the beginning of hammering the final nail in the coffin of Deep and Priya’s relation.



Initially, it began with simple tea or coffee breaks which slowly changed to coffee or movie dates. They loved spending time together and she used to sob a lot in front of him which made her feel light. Ayan never felt irritated or angry whenever she would bare open her heart regarding her past. Slowly Ayan grew a weakness for her and one evening while sharing the corner seats in a movie hall, the lips got locked eventually. They stayed like that for quite a while and the same was repeated with mutual consent multiple times during the course of the movie.

That night Priya got some urgent work and had to stay at office; Ayan’s flat became that office for her. It took them some time to shed their inhibitions, but once they got past the barriers of clothes and the mental barriers of societal norms, they made out like two crazy rabbits. Ayan was wise enough to put on the rubber barrier at the correct time and that was the only thing separating the otherwise entangled bodies. The marathon continued the entire night and when the sun finally came out to put a halt on their night long escapades, the thirst of Priya’s body, soul and mind had finally been quenched to her heart’s content. She had finally got what she had been craving for months.

Although the news of them having regular sex remain hidden to all, that something was going between them had caught the eyes of all their colleagues. Such news never stays concealed for long and soon it reached the ears of Deep. His anger had no bounds that night.

He was long back from his office and was about to empty a pint when Priya entered the house humming a new romantic number. Well, she had forgotten that only the air outside their house had love in it but inside, only abuses and obscenities were in the air. She had come back early that evening as she was expecting a guest.

Deep greeted her with some chosen filthy words and taunted that her steady income during and after recession was due to her selling her body to the highest bidder every night. It was not him, but his alcohol speaking for him. He also inquired who was the lucky guy that night and whether was he able to please her as Deep used to do long back. Priya had tolerated enough and she sarcastically commented that pleasure and he were something poles apart as that can only be given by a real man and not by eunuchs like him. This had triggered all the anger points in Deep and he pounced on her to give her the same pleasure and prove her wrong. But the alcohol had started showing its effect and all he could do was pant for breath. A few more ironic comments from Priya about his status and all made him furious. He pushed Priya towards the wall and her head got smashed against it. As she slithered down to the ground, the red droplets could be easily seen trickling down.

It took Deep about 15 minutes to come to terms with the reality.



Once he realized what had happened he burst into hysterical tears. He had always loved her and if not for his alcohol abuse, he could have had a proper life with her. He remembered the all memories he shared with her, the good times, the romance they had. But it was all a thing of the past now and he just sat motionless staring at the blank eyes of her. He felt that they were trying to convey some message to him. The more he kept staring towards her eyes, the more scared and haunted he felt. He could not take it up anymore.

Suddenly it stuck him. He was a murderer and would be hanged if caught.

He got up, for a moment or so he was restless, anxious, agitated. He was sad and felt guilty for having killed the love of his life with his own hands. But on the other hand, it was the question of survival, of living. He just could not waste the rest of his life behind iron bars! He felt helpless, clueless about what needed to be done. He had no idea of how to escape all this, his heart was screaming for penance but deep inside a voice cried and shrieked for help, for his sanity and well-being. He kept on thinking and thinking and then it finally struck him.

He had to dispose the body.

He had seen several movies where bodies had been disposed of in bags and suitcases. He knew that was his only way out. He knew it was wrong but he was not ready to go to jail. Priya had a slim body and even after her death just a few minutes back, Deep knew that she would be agile enough and was rightly so. He took out the largest suitcase he had, the one he bought for their honeymoon and stuffed her body inside it. It was slightly difficult to carry that cold body of her in his arms. It would have been so romantic had she been alive but it was a corpse now albeit a beautiful corpse. Deep was again numb for a moment, that it was that same bag which once was a part, a companion, a witness of their good times. He came to reality quickly though and booked a cab. It was showing in the mobile app that the cab would be arriving in just 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes, felt like an eternity to him. He was shocked, still shivering but the excitement and joy of getting out unharmed after a murder was too overwhelming for him. He started to question his own stability but there was no answer.

He felt happy and content.

Suddenly the phone rang and it shook the living hell out of him. The cab had arrived, the gateway of his escape.

He closed all the doors and was about to open the main door when the doorbell rang. He got sceptical, scared, crazy almost unable to move an inch but he wanted to act normal and sane. There was no way that he was going to lose it, he was determined about his future and not getting punished. He thought that it might be one of their prickly neighbours curious to know how come it was so silent and calm that evening. He pushed the suit case behind him and opened the gate.

To his horror, it was Priya standing in front of him.



He slapped himself in front of Priya who was staring and smiling at his pale face. She was not speaking a single word but was just staring at him, a cold, blank, merciless stare. It was like she wanted to convey with her eyes that she did promise that she would never leave him and so she was back to take him to where he had sent her. He could feel a palpitating fear grasping his whole body, he could feel an excruciating pain nibbling his whole body. His heart started to beat so loudly that he could literally hear the drum rolls. Priya was still smiling at him, it was like she was stating him to enjoy the last few moments on this earth. It was in those sick laughs when she stamped her authority over him, as she crushed all his dreams and plans of escaping his fate and leading a new life. He looked back to the suitcase, opened the chain and found that a body was still inside it. He became twitchier but was too senile to do anything about it. For once he thought of touching her and feel if it was really her but the thought of touching a cold dead body made him nauseous. The scare was so much that he could feel someone scratching and pulling out his gut. His heartbeat was loudest and he was quite sure that even Priya could hear it; and it gave her immense pleasure to screw him the way he had never even thought was possible.

He could not take it anymore and he fell, fainted. His head hit the side of the table and the whole area was slowly getting covered in a pool of red.


He had no idea that Riya, his sister-in-law was about to pay him a surprize visit to fix the differences between him and her twin sister.


Hold My Hand

The excitement was huge among all her friends. Finally, she was going to introduce her boyfriend to all her friends.

Susmita was one the most popular girls in her college, if not the most. Brilliant in studies and extracurricular activities, she was the perfect girl that all girls dream to become one, all boys desire to have as their girlfriend. After amassing an amazing 93% in her board exams followed by an astonishing rank of 90 in her engineering entrance examination, she continued with her brilliance in the engineering exams also. She had already represented her school, college and state in several table-tennis competitions winning several accolades, had her own photography blog with more than 20000 followers, was a wizard when it came to solving crosswords in both English and Bengali. On the top of all these was her smile which emphasized her long hairs and kohl-kissed eyes. She had it all.

Needless to say, all her seniors and juniors fell for her. But she was taken.


She was part of the minority group who did not have a Facebook account. She was extremely fun-loving person but never came to the terms of social media. She had an account once but she deactivated it after a week or so. She used WhatsApp though but still preferred to text her friends. She always favoured her privacy and respected that of the others. It was difficult for her friends to get the news out of her and it was her sheer bad luck that she got caught while talking with her boyfriend over phone. The news spread like fire all over the college. Some were jealous that how could one had such a perfect life, some got heartbroken, some got jealous about her boyfriend whom they had never seen. Susmita did not like the attention she was getting and she never intended that at all. But she became the talk of the college more after that news came out. It was like the entire college wanted to know about her boyfriend. With her not being on Facebook, the wait got delayed further. She used to have one of his picture in her purse and she had to show them to her closest friends after much persuasion.

That was the 1st time they saw Rahul.

The photo was a simple photo with him wearing regular clothes and goggles. Although nothing much could be made from the photo, it was easily noticeable that he was a handsome and smart guy who shared one huge similarity with his girlfriend. His smile was as childish and pure like his girlfriend.

Both their families were acquainted of each other for generations and their marriage was sort of fixed even when they were in their teenage although none were forced. When the families saw how fond they were of each other that they decided to proceed further with the relationship. The bond between the two families grew stronger than ever when Susmita’s entire family stood like a pillar behind Rahul’s family after he and his father met with an accident while coming to home from office and were hospitalized for more than a week. Luckily for both the families, they were both returned home healthy.


Now that face had been revealed, her friends wanted to know more about him. The shy Susmita found it difficult to describe him in mere words to them. But there was always a glint in her eyes, a cute smile highlighting her face whenever she thought or spoke about him. He was slightly elder to her and worked with a NGO for the blind people of the society and looked after his father’s business. One of them jokingly asked what did she most like about him and after that the others jumped into the bandwagon asking the same question. After several futile yet meaningful attempts by many, Susmita had to say that it’s his deep and caring eyes that she most liked among all his attributes.

Suddenly, there was another set of people from the college who got jealous of her, some got heart-broken that such an item was also taken.

A perfect love story.


The Valentine’s day for the Bengalis was around the corner, Saraswati Puja (Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of learning for the Hindus).

The inevitable had been spoken, the pressures had already been put on; there was no escape from this, there was no turning back even remotely possible.

She would have to make an entry to the college holding his hand. If that was not followed, several blackmail threats came from her friends ranging from not talking to her ever to spreading rumours across the college that Susmita had a bad breakup so that others could try on her. She was scared to say the least and finally said to all that she would keep their humble request.


Her friends were excited enough to see their ‘jiju’ (sister’s husband in Hindi). The grief-stricken lot just for once wanted to see their winner before diving in the world of gloom and liquor. Some were just got excited for no reason at all. It was like that the worship of the Goddess just became an excuse and nothing more.

And what a grand entry they made.

Susmita in her yellow saree looked every bit of princess and her prince charming wore a yellow kurta. Matching sunglasses accentuated the matching dress. Their chuckles and gentle footsteps was surely a head turner and it caught the attention of all. The jaws had already started to drop, the sighs were already released, many tears already escaped eyes.

After the initial pleasantries were exchanged, it was time to take pictures and selfies. One of her friends giggled something into Susmita’s ears and she asked Rahul to take of her goggles to show her most loved part of Rahul.

The whole crowd got shocked and spellbound.

Love is blind.

Or may be, in this story, Susmita’s love was.

Divorce Sorted

The do not disturb tag was hung at the door knob the moment they entered the room. Once, twice, thrice, and finally they were panting for breath. They were some steamy sessions and even considering their standards, they never had better sex ever before.

They both were pleased, satisfied.

Finally, the same discussion started.


Jane said as she lit a cigarette, she finally opened her mouth neither for moaning nor for pleasing Daniel, her boss. “How long do we need to continue like this?”

Daniel knew that their mood and the atmosphere of the room was about to get cold and somewhat averse. He dreaded for these moments.

“It has been more than a year, you’re enjoying me till your heart’s content, not that you don’t please me either, but seriously how long? I do love you and I am not doing this just to get favours at office. I am not after you for your money or power, I can give my life for you. Have I ever asked for any promotion or something at office? Never, coz I love you a lot. I don’t like meeting at hotels anymore, I feel like an escort. If you can’t marry me, just let me know. I will not cause any problem in your life and will leave you to peacefully. You being my boss, you can fire me any time and be rest assured that I won’t cause any legal worries for you.” She gave a slight dejected pause.

“Also, you can please me more than my ex ever could.” She ended with a chuckle though which was more than a relief for Daniel. He could finally speak.

He said, as he put his hand on her should to console her, “Do you feel that I am with you just for the sex? You’re wrong my dear, my love. You’re my life.”

“Then why do we need to meet like this? Why can’t I have a normal love-life like all? Why can’t I share with all that I am engaged with you? Why can’t go home happy and satisfied after meeting you rather than guilty, ashamed and violated?” there was a sense of wretchedness and agony in her voice.

“What do you want me to do?” pat came the reply from his side.

“Why don’t you tell your wife the truth? Grow some spine and tell her that you don’t love her anymore and that you love me. Why don’t you give her a divorce?” Jane had become somewhat desperate and hostile as she spoke the last few lines.

There was silence again engulfing and choking both of them.


“Do you feel I have not tried telling her about us or the divorce? Do you think that Diana has not understood that there is something going on in my life? She is not that dumb, she never was. The whole problem is our prenup. Do you know what is there in our prenup?”

An unconcerned and reluctant face of Jane made Daniel realize that he could continue.

“if our marriage is ever dragged to court, we will have share our assets 50-50. And if there is adultery a reason for the same, the guilty party will only get 20% of the assets. Do you think that I will be happy to give her all my hard-earned money? Never, never.” The anger and frustration is his voice finally got a chance to surface.

Jane felt sorry for her love. She never knew about the prenup. Some kissing and sobbing and hugging later she again started to speak.

“If you stay with me, I have no problem to share your troubles and griefs. I want you and not your money. Give your wife all your wealth and we will start afresh. We will both work hard to build our future, our dream world. Also, I have a considerable amount of saving. We can take money from banks on loan, keep my house on mortgage. That will surely give us enough money to start a small business and with your business acumen we will surely shine in our new business.” Love was oozing out from all her words and tears from her eyes.

Daniel was so moved with all what he heard that he was at lose of words. He felt her unabashed and undying love for him and he felt great courage and strength. He had made up his mind, “The moment I reach home today, I will tell her all about us. I am ready to face any consequence. Your words have given me the willpower and nerve to tell her all this. Even I am tired of our secret meetings and lying to her. I have loved you, loving someone can never be wrong. With your love, I won’t feel like a pauper one bit even with all my money gone. My love! will you please order some food? I am starving. I will quickly go and freshen up. And then, may be, maa…aay be, few more rounds? Do you have it in you?” he chuckled as he went to the washroom.

Love was blooming in the air.


She called room service and ordered as much food as she could find on the menu. She was so happy and she was starving too. The food would be at their door in 15 minutes. She started fidgeting with her phone.

Her Facebook post read, ‘feeling at the top of the world’.

She texted so many of her friends too about her imminent happy life hiding the actual news though.

One of those texts read, “He will definitely confess tomorrow. Make sure you place the camera properly and get my money ready.”