The Final Victory

Finally, it was a reality. All my hard work, patience, perseverance, devotion had hit the bull’s eye, all of them had given me something that I always dreamt of. Finally, I was victorious.

I started learning boxing from a very early age. My father and grandpa were both boxers but none could make it big enough to give their respective sons proper education and food. But the sons slogged enough to get educated, with every passing generation getting more than its previous one. I was the new undisputed featherweight champion defeating the defending champion. Thus, with that victory I could stamp the name of my boxing family and successfully carry on the legacy. It was indeed a proud moment for me.

The victory meant a lot for me. The prize money was huge. I could finally pay off the debt that my dad had from the loan sharks, I could also pay off the mortgage on our house to the bank. Well, the frustration of not making it big in the boxing circuit got the better of him and he found solace in alcohol. So, the debt amount went on increasing. My mother who had been the most sufferer in the family, but a strong and supportive woman, could finally get some rest and feel what wealth, prosperity was. I could also finally admit her to a better hospital where she would get better treatment for her breathing problem. She needed that, else I might soon lose her.

My wife was 5 months pregnant when I got the chance to participate for that match. Thereafter, I got two months to practice. She had been my constant support and inspiration; I owe the win to her. We had plans to move to a bigger house leaving the small 2 room house that I had to share with my parents. That I had the money, it was just a matter of time. I had to give a proper future to my kid; I did not want my kid to suffer like me. He or she should get proper food, shelter and education to grow up so that he/she could become a wise and learned man. All that I had not gotten in my childhood, my kid should get them all. He/She should have grand birthday parties every year like other kids and not cry on that day for a piece of cake like his/her father used to do.

All these happiness, all the money, all the fame, everything that I ever dreamt of were so close to me, in the grasp of my hand. All my dreams were about to come true. People were dying to get in touch with me, they were crying slogans about me, spreading the tales of my wonderful victory like folklore. I had become a living legend. What more could I had ever asked from the Almighty! But one thing that life had taught me was to stay humble, to stay grounded. I knew that that was not the end of my struggle and to hold on to my ranking, I needed to train harder than before. But I could fly a bit now, I guess I had earned it. Hadn’t I? I could feel my feet had left the ground and slowly but steadily I was rising and up. I was feeling light like a feather, as cheerful and free like a bird; sky was my limit and I suddenly felt I could even cross that. That is the power of success, it can easily change your sorry state into a positive one.

And then I fell with a loud thud.

I could see a pile of bodies scattered around me, all enjoying their own dreams. Some were laughing and some were blankly looking at the dark ceiling of that excessively small room. The room was shady, dusty, crowded and smelled like rotten dead masses. I could still feel that I was in a dream but it was a bad one. I did not realize how or when my earlier dream ended ad how I came into this dreamland. I tried to stand on my feet but I could not. I got hold of something small, cylindrical, pointy, made of glass and somehow dragged my body to the almost dying flames of the candle at the corner of the room to see what that thing was. An incessant pain inside my stomach and brain accompanied me all this while.

After I realised what it was, there was a wide and content smile on my face. It was like that I had gotten the key to all my problems and failures and sufferings. I felt an earnest urge from inside to use it again and again.

It was a syringe, used repeatedly.

The Final Victory.jpg


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