Dream Comes True

He woke up, scared, screaming his lungs out, sweating in the cold of Darjeeling in December. It was the same dream again.

It had become a regular incident of his life. Every night that odd, meaningless dream accompanies his disturbed sleep. He shared the same with his girlfriend only to get ridiculed. She thought that it was the work of imagination of her writer boyfriend who excels in producing thriller and uncanny stories and had already made quite a name for him. This made him lose all his courage to share the scheme of events he saw in his dream with his friends or family members for some advice to deal with it. He, kind of, accepted the same as a part of his life.

Well God is not always so cruel to you, is He? Luckily her girlfriend was herself a promising psychologist. One night, when even after a steamy sex session with her did no good to his dream, she finally realized that it was a serious issue. She started her counselling and things were slightly getting better. It was not that it stopped completely but at least it was no more a systematic occurrence. He found the best way to tackle this problem of his is to somehow tap it into his profit. What better way could be for him than to write a story based on the incidents he saw in his dream!

Finally, as the torment went on slowly but steadily, he produced his ever best-seller ‘Dream Comes True’. It made his fans dumbstruck with the vivid descriptions of the events and his magical story-telling, his publisher happy as the cash came rolling and him content, pleased.

As he made some name and fame, he moved to a bigger bungalow, leaving his father’s smaller house and his locality. But the roots were always firmly grounded though he started to fly. Thus, when his local club backed by the local politician asked him to grace their annual sports day where he would also be felicitated, he readily agreed.

He checked the brakes of his car repeatedly before starting his car. It was just an hour-long drive from his new place and he knew the road like the back of his hand. Also, to him the road was through the most breath-taking milieus he had ever been through and he loved to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the road in the peace of his mind, away from others. Although, the road was slightly winding with steep edges, he had more belief on his own driving skills than some random driver as the club offered him a car to be picked up.

As he started driving, he was lost in the exquisiteness of the road. The weather was perfect that day; the bright sunshine reflecting from the white of the snow-clad mountains made the place brighter and more stunning. He always felt that the snowy mountains were the incarnation of God on the earth, being impressively beautiful at one hand and perilously dangerous on the other. The lively and colourful flowers just heightened the splendour of the place. It was his heaven on this ruthless earth. As a kid, he always wondered if that was the place where people ended up after breathing their last.

He was brought back to reality by the constant and unrhythmic honking from the transports behind his car. He found that in his dreamy state, he had lagged behind the transports in front of him by a long distance. He picked up speed to catch up and just as he turned a corner he found a lorry carrying iron rods. The club where he was to be felicitated are renovating and thought his destination matches with that of the lorry. He got worried and distracted for a moment and thought about letting other cars go in front of him or overtake the lorry. But something prevented him from taking either of the two decisions. He kept following the lorry like a hypnotised puppet.

He was about half an hour away from the venue and then it happened.

His car just crossed a sharp turn and then he got scared and puzzled. He did not know what to do.

What he found was that the lorry in front of him had stopped. The visibly drunk driver and his partner got into a war of words and they stopped the lorry in the middle of the road, got down to continue their argument which slowly moved from a war of words to a war of hands, causing nuisance for all. The other transport drivers got down to dissolve the situation, made them shake hands and things got back to normalcy. The lorry moved forward so did the cars, buses and trucks behind.

By the way, what did you think, what had happened? He met with any accident? His car fall down the cliff? No nothing like that happened. In fact, the path left had wider road than before.

He had travelled another 5-6 KMs enjoying the lovely locales. The argument of the driver and his helper in the lorry in front of him had still been continuing and their loud screams and squeals were heard by many. The driver was driving real rash and as it was about to take a turn, it hit a huge rock in front of it, lost balance almost took a turn but somehow managed. What it could not prevent though was the opening of the back of it and the rods came down like the excess water released when a dam opens the floodgates. The sight was horrifying to say the least. He tried to hit the brakes but suddenly found that it was not working. He got scared and tried to avoid hitting the rods and the lorry. He did manage to escape both. PHEW!!!!!!!!

This is because his car fall off the cliff.

He enjoyed a free fall down the cliff. He got battered and bruised, blood soaked his dress, the car got destroyed. He could for once see that there were people who looked down the cliff to see if there was any chance to save him or for him to escape death; there was neither. He had fallen about 50-60 feet, in a densely-forested region where even the sunlight could not break through the canopy. He was too injured to get out of the car but a dying man always tries to clutch to the straw. Both the doors of the front of the car were broken and thus getting out of the car was not that difficult, even considering his wounded condition. That the bonnet of the car caught fire should have given him more incentive to run; yes, it would have been difficult to find any help at all in that thick and unknown forest and even if he somehow managed to live, he would have to live being physically challenged. But he sat in the car making no attempt to escape this untimely and unnatural death, waiting for the fire to engulf him. It was like he was under some magic spell, oblivious of what was going around him. There was disbelief etched all over face; sheer disbelief and an uncanny scare.

Well that’s what happens when your dream comes true.



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