My Loving Uncle

I am my uncle’s daughter.

I lost my parents even before I knew what parental love was or realized how they looked like. All I have seen them is in the framed picture in my uncle’s room. From that very early age, I was brought up by my uncle. He is the best uncle one could ever have. He loves me a lot, takes a lot of care. He prepares me for school, plays with me at evening, feeds me with his own hands, tells me stories of ghosts and evils. I am very scared of ghosts and I know that they come at night to haunt naughty children but I know my uncle will protect me against them. Although I don’t understand the reason but many of my other relatives tell me that he did not get married because of me. They also tell me I am lucky to have such an uncle otherwise my future would have been wasted by now.

Every Sunday I go to the nearby park with him and he buys me ice cream. My room is full of dolls and teddy bears, my uncle has bought them all for me. Whenever I am sad for any reason, he will hug me tightly or kiss me or tickle me and immediately I burst into laughter. He helps to get my homework done correctly. He allows me to play while having bath as he applies soap. He buys me new set of dresses, so colourful and beautiful they’re. I really thank God for giving him to me, he has given me the care of my father and the love of my mother.

My uncle sleeps with me at night to save me from the bad ghosts. He loves me a lot at night. My uncle says that when someone loves a lot, it pains at times. Sometimes I scream, sometimes I faint. He tells me if I tell this to others I will become naughty and the ghosts will bite and scratch me and even he will not be able to defend me. I fear ghosts and don’t want to face them ever. I trust him, he is my nice uncle, my lovely uncle; may be when I grow up I won’t feel this much pain.

My uncle loves me a lot, every night.


Scared young girl with an adult man's hand covering her mouth


13 thoughts on “My Loving Uncle

  1. Wao!! Very well written.. an issue that is well neglected..but happening more often than we want to agree..
    It started out as a sweet story…pointing at the possibility of going to another type of ending..but ended with a strong message for the society..
    Job well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

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