The Surprize Birthday Present

She was restless, she was edgy. She constantly kept fidgeting with her phone as she lay on her bed. She could not sleep properly. When would the call come? Why was it taking so much time? The call should have come by now, it was already 15 minutes past 12. It should have been delivered by now. It was supposed to be delivered at midnight; it was his birthday present, her husband, the love of her life. Had the delivery guys messed up? Aaarggghhhh!!!!!!

And then it finally came, the call from his number. She was delighted, ecstatic. She was so eager to receive the call that it fell from her hand. She quickly picked it up and received the call. She was not able to catch her breath.

She could not wait to hear his lovely, romantic voice. She said hello but there was no response from the other end. There was a huge pause. She thought that he might be in awe with the sudden surprize gift that she had send on his birthday. Things were not going well between them and she thought this gift would end the tensions once and for all. But the wait to hear his voice was becoming unbearable. And then, he spoke. Rather smiled, an impish one. It so husky and cold?.

She thought that the plan had failed.

She became tensed, afraid. Did he not like the gift? She chose the best gift she could give him. What did go wrong? He should say something. How else would she understand if he liked it or not? She was getting more tensed; he might be playing games with her just to make her more jittery. She was getting angry now.

She was sweating in the cold of December in Delhi. She started thinking if the delivery guy did any harm to him. She had seen in the crime related television series-es that these delivery guys went to the house of the single girls and boys disguised as delivery guys and then harmed them and looted their belongings. Some psycho types even killed their preys. She started screaming for the person on the other side to say something. All she got was another cruel, devilish smile. She had no idea what to do. She thought about calling the police but what would she tell them. She knew nothing about what was going on there.

She somehow got used to the situation, she stopped panicking. She still waited to hear something from the other guy. She was sure that he had been harmed and that son of a bitch who harmed him was enjoying the time spent on phone with her. It was like his victory trophy. She stopped and waited till he spoke anything. And finally, he said,

β€œThe birthday gift has been delivered.”

The line got disconnected.

She could not believe just what she heard, she put down the phone. She really did not know what to do. She slowly laid down on the bed where the comforting and peaceful arms of her new boyfriend was waiting for her.

The plan did work.




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