That Auspicious Day

How much we longed for that auspicious day!

The day we would become united forever.

So many plans to travel together, all the way;

Nothing could happen to our bond to sever.


The friendship was getting a new meaning,

Wanted to scream to the world that I love you.

Tension of the big day hid behind our smiling,

The dreams seen were about to become true.


The never ending call the night before,

Recollecting the memories of our mushy romance.

How we wished we could talk a bit more!

The rising sun forced us out of our trance.


The journey to the destination, a long one;

Lost in the thoughts of the moments to savour.

Happy faces around soaked in the fun,

The enthusiasm was too much to wait for.


But fate had some other plans for us,

Where is the fun in the happy ending?

A speeding truck hit her wedding bus,

I suddenly wake up sweating, screaming.


I stand down from my bed to find her,

There is medication and beeping monitor.


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