Four Liners-1


Alone and aloof, staring at the blank ceiling;

I started scribbling nonsense on the white board.

The gibberish scrawl, beyond sanity and meaning;

I was suddenly complete in my new-found world.


Are we deep in sleep or awake?

Is everything around real or fake?

Are we surrounded by living or dead?

I open my eyes sweating in my bed.


I feel sorry for the poverty and illiteracy around,

Heart cries at the sight of malnourished children.

Corruption makes my whole body shake in pain,

That’s all I do to save them from getting drowned.


We all have killed with our own bare hand’,

Nipped in buds, so many of them.

Trampled them in our quest of money and fame,

But can castles be built with wet sand?



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