I am wounded, I am scarred,

Eyes are dry, vision is blurred.

Can you see it, feel at least?

I am fine, if you insist.


What happened, what was my fault?

You changed, a sudden rude jolt.

I had a shoulder, I thought, I relied;

But now it seems, you only lied.


My love was pure, a baby’s smile;

You my only one, all this while.

I cared for you, thought you did too;

My world started and ended with you.


My heart is shattered, broken;

Trying to fix the cracked pane.

Hope you’re happy, enjoying success;

As I trudge ahead, a living mess.


It was your life, your choice;

I still wish to hear your voice.

I am none to forgive or criticize,

I will not let my boat to capsize.




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