My Life

My sight always wants you in its vision,

Be it in reality, dreamland or delusion.

My loneliness searches for you all around,

Your absence gobbles me in solitude so profound.

My happiness gets meaning in your smile,

All my grief and worries are sent to exile.

My world looks pleasant shining in your beauty,

No blotch or blemish in mankind or humanity.

My mind finds peace in your serenity,

Even it turmoil, it enjoys utter tranquility.

My wretched soul is purified with your compassion,

It saves my conscience from gradual erosion.

My heart finds love in the warmth of your lips,

It gives me relief from all my hardships.

My tiredness finds solace in your arms,

They keep me away from all the harms.

Words cannot describe how precious you are,

Loosing you ever is all that I fear.

My life is complete with your essence,

It silently wishes for your omnipresence.



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