If You

If you knew that you will leave,

Why did you give reasons to believe?

That you would always be near,

Wipe off from my face all the drops of tear.


If you planned to bid goodbye some day,

You would travel from me faraway.

Why did you constantly make me smile?

Keep me happy all this while?


If you wanted to make me alone,

Make me suffer in a world unknown,

Why did you ever hold my hand?

When I took my baby step, when I tried to stand?


If you wished to see me frightened,

Stay indifferent as the noose tightened.

Why did you protect me from danger?

Become a shield in front of all my fear?


If you loved to see me gloomy, depressed;

Found pleasure in seeing myself stressed.

Why did you read out those bedtime stories?

Create beautiful moments etched as memories?


My wretched life is a pity without you,

Can’t you see I am incomplete without you?

Please come back as my heart cries;

Hold my hand and take me to paradise.




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