Search for Him

I started my journey a long time back,

In my quest to find Your existence.

A blind man who lost his own track,

Trudging aimlessly, seeking your presence.


Left my family, my home, my motherland;

Travelled to parts of the world unknown.

Closed my fists to hold the foreign sand,

I could never become their own.


With zeal and vigor, I continued the search;

Sometimes a temple, sometimes a monastery.

Roamed around in mosque, pagoda or church;

You always eluded me like an unsolved mystery.


I cried and screamed for your compassion,

Begged for blessings bowing down to the statue.

Cared for my greed, neglected any person;

Could not realize how aloof I went from You.


Tired and exhausted, unfed and nude;

I begged for mercy but none paid any heed.

I rummaged the trash can for some food,

Met a cripple who I felt was in more need.


The food gave him strength and ease,

A ray of smile lightened that face so grim.

Such a simple deed gave me so much peace,

Behind my new friend, finally I saw Him.




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