Silent Love

So many words to say, feelings to share;

So many times I subdue my scare.

My heart keeps me pushing towards you,

Numb are my senses always near you.


Your smile is like the raining of pearls,

The only darkness I like is that of your curls.

Nothing is purer than your innocent face,

You are the epitome of beauty and grace.


Stacks of letters and poems to deliver,

Wonder if you would know my feelings ever.

My life slows down near your address,

The magic wand of my life is with my enchantress.


My eyes secretly follow you all day and night,

Seeing you joyful makes my life so bright.

I pray to God to bless you with perpetual peace,

Protecting you from danger fills my life with bliss.


I hope one day you will look into my eyes,

Feel my pain of loneliness as my heart cries.

We will flow together in our love-tide,

Two lives, one path in this magical mystery ride.


Silent love 1


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