You’re the dream when I close my eyes,

You’re the sight I always crave to see.

You’re the path which I love to travel,

You’re the one with whom I want to be.


You’re my shade under the scorching sun,

You’re my warmth in a cold damp night.

You’re my first drop of rain when thirsty,

It’s your radiance that my life is so bright.


You’re my only ray of hope in despair,

You’re my shield when I am in danger.

You’re my rest when I am weary,

In my vain life, you’re His messenger.


You’re the smile when I am sad,

You’re the relief when I am in pain.

You’re the force that keeps me going,

In failure, you motivate me to try again.


This life of mine is a gift of yours,

Made beautiful with your adore and care.

Hold my hand till the sun goes dark,

As I take the holy vow to be yours forever.




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