Death of Innocence

He had just scored the winning goal. Ok, he was not a big star neither was it a big match. He was only a small kid who had scored the winning goal in the locality derby. His friends carried him on their shoulders for the victory lap. Just beside the field was a thorny bush which was the pee-room for the players. Their he found a round object which resembled a football. He knew the locality was filled with notorious criminals but the urge and passion to kick the ball at that moment was overwhelming. One kick and boom!!!!!

That was his last kick of the football ever.


She was raised in the midst of filth but her mother made sure that filth never touched her. Although she was born and brought up in a brothel, she made sure that she got proper education and upbringing. She had dreams to grow up and become a doctor and free her mother from this dirt and her shackles. But she was not keeping well and breathed her last on the day of her result of the 5th standard. The brothel, that day, was filled with the cries and sadness of all except that girl.

Next day people heard the screams of a young girl.

Indian girl prostitutes-thumb-300x228-7994.jpg


His father was a daily wage earner. Their dingy hut was just near the borders. Besides him, the other members of his family were his ailing mother and starvation. But they were content. One day, his father, working as a helper to a mason, fell down and was about to kiss goodbye to this world. Money was needed to save him, well that’s what the doctors said. He asked for help from the local politician and he readily agreed. All he had to do was to cross the border to and fro with a packet.

His father lived but his childhood died that day.



They repeatedly warned their father not to go against the local politician’s strongman. But the ideals of honesty, with which he grew up and instilled them in his children did not allow him to turn a blind eye towards that raped girl. He wanted to give her justice and lodged a complaint in the local police station against the tyrant. The next thing they found was the blood soaked dead body of their father thrown near their house from the running car. The seeds of revenge were planted in the pure minds.

20 years later that oppressor met his fate. The people who did so kept two thumb impressions for police to find them out.



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