Fight for Survival


Even before you grow in your mother’s womb,

It has already begun for you.

It’s defines what you’ll become in future,

Your survival instincts depend on it too.


Sometimes it’s against social anarchy and ignorance,

Sometimes it’s the expectations of the family.

Sometimes it’s against your own dreams and ambitions,

You are left bruised and hopeless, suffering lonely.


Even a small mistake will cost you dear,

The pressure is intense, the burden relentless;

No time to mull over your loss or failure,

The feeling is surreal when you taste success.


The end of one makes way for another,

Monotonous and strenuous like an old river.

It becomes the part of your daily life,

The struggle for existence goes on forever.


And here is the link to other such beautiful writing on this daily word:


4 thoughts on “Fight for Survival

  1. To struggle for survival has it’s positive and negative points. Struggle is a great teacher. It prepares us to know how to grow strong and resilient. Knowing this, we can live our highest and best lives. However, I don’t believe we were put here to struggle our whole lives long. At some point, we have to Just Be, and LIVE!!!


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