Those long football matches in the fields,

Sleeping and dreaming in the green cot.

The dives and splashes in the ponds,

Only you were always in my thought’.


The flying of kites on breezy mornings,

The cycle races to unknown places.

Copying the answers during the exams,

Sharing the lunch-box during the recess.


The fighting for ridiculous reasons,

The shrill hearty cries to talk again.

Celebrating the success of one with the other,

Trying to help when the other was in pain.


Being part of the same prank together,

Getting punished for each-others mistake.

Laughing our lungs out on the silly jokes,

The river called friendship had no break.


Now when I look back upon those days,

With nothing else to do on a lazy afternoon.

The eyes get wet with a hint of smile,

How I wish that those days are back soon!




4 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I believe “once a friend, always a friend.” Sometimes we move in different directions, then find each other again. Think of the wonderful conversations we can have to catch-up. If the friendship is real, it is solid. It almost seems like we have picked up right where we left off. Marvelous!!!


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