I was new to the city, the locality where I stayed was something I was not familiar. They told me that people in the city are different from the ones in the village but I did not believe them until I came to live here. The broker who got me the house on rent did warn me that the locality was not conducive to healthy living. But the rent was less and that was the least I could do to save money. I had come to the city to find a job. Luckily for me there was an interview call just the next day.

I was having tea from the nearby stall. As I did not know the place of interview properly, I got ready with ample time in hand. The tea-stall owner told me that it was just an hour away from my place and I had more than two hours. The tea-stall had a small boy working, a small kid actually, vibrant and active with a cute and innocent smile pasted on his face. Then I saw the whole thing happening, well almost.

Just on the opposite foot of the stall sat an old widow beggar. Well she was sitting there yesterday and begged from me to which I politely refused but today I saw her lying on the ground. She seemed unconscious.  At first, I thought about helping her but then I remembered about my opportunity for a fresh a new beginning and chose to ignore her. The other people in the tea-stall found it amusing to discuss about her condition rather than helping her but this grabbed the attention of that kid. He ran with some water and sprinkled on her face. She was barely able to open her eyes. He made her drink some but her condition did not improve a bit. He came running back to his owner and begged for some money from him. He said that the amount would be deducted from his monthly wages to which he paid no heed. He went to the house of the nearby doctor and almost dragged him to her. He called some people to lift her and take her to his home for treatment while the kid again ran to bring something. The owner reminded me about my interview and I had to leave that place soon. Last time I saw him carry a packet, I thought he was probably carrying food and medicines for her.

I came back home late that night and had completely forgotten about the incidents of the morning. The grueling interview sessions went on for prolonged duration and multiple times. Without proper food and rest, I just came back home and blacked out.

The next morning I remembered the whole incident and looked out of the window. I was shocked, scared and angry on me; I should have at least done something for her. The lady was not there, I though the inevitable had happened. I came down and had one last look at the place where I saw her smiling at me just two days back and now she was gone. I turned around to go the tea-stall to inquire about her demise and then I saw her enjoying the tea with some slices of bread. The kid was still working there without any idea of what he had done, still smiling naively.

I had seen the epitome of a true human that day.



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