He had been back in the city after 3 years and had plans to meet friends. He reached the rendezvous point earlier than his friends. He waited for them to arrive. After 10 minutes or so, he called his friends to cancel the meeting as he was feeling sick.

As he came back to his house walking all the way without a hint of sickness or fatigue, he kept thinking of all the moments they had at that place.



He generally does not sit in front of the television but it was a Sunday and he was new and alone in the city. He switched on the TV and was channel hopping. Then there was that movie which he so very fondly started to watch. 10 minutes into the movie and he changed the channel.

The movie had not changed neither was his liking for the movie. It was just those old memories that it bought back.



He was about to enter the stadium. He had not been to one for more than a decade. He was always a football fanatic and loved his local club more than anyone or anything else. He missed the euphoria, the excitement, the tension, the crazy atmosphere and longed for one.

For the umpteenth time, he tore the ticket and went back home. His passion or love for the club had remained the same. It was the just that in this very stadium he lost his leg as the stadium collapsed.



He took out the kurta from the wardrobe. He tried to wear it and did fit in though it was slightly tight now and design and print were slightly outdated. After all 6 years have passed after this kurta was bought. He thought about going out in it but then he just changed it.

There was no problem with the kurta or the design or the print. It’s just that it made him remember all the old memories. It was her last gift before he lost his wife.



He went back to the old house. It was more like a haunted house now. It had lost all its glory and grandeur. The legacy also ended with it. He entered the house and roamed around crazily. He had no idea what he was doing there but there he was. He left soon.

It was the house of his great great grandfather. He did not have much money and thought about selling it. But the fond memories of this house never let him do so.



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