The Beautiful Princess

She stepped out of her brand new Audi. Flash bulbs lit up the entire area, shutter clicks made the most melodious sound. She had to look gorgeous for them, she had to pose perfectly for them and she had to smile the best for them. She came in the designer dress she had just bought the other day. Her hair and makeup was impeccably done by her personal team. Her jewelry was provided by the same shop which she was to inaugurate. Her teeth shone like pearls. All were there to catch a glimpse of her. She was making all of them happy by posing patiently or throwing kisses. All of them thought that she was insanely beautiful, like a princess. All but one was getting tired and not relishing the moments.

After the event got over she went back to her house. She removed her gorgeous avatar and slipped into her parents little girl avatar. She removed her makeup, got into her favorite night dress which her father bought for her 5 years ago from the roadside shop before she became the overnight star. She sat at the table and had dinner with her parents. After that her mother oiled her hairs and gave her a mom-special massage. Her father asked about her fans and if she was having a boyfriend to which she blushed and shied a lot. Finally she left them to give her refreshed and not so tired body some rest and sleep.

As she passed by the big mirror in her room, she just sat in front of it for a moment. She smiled for her, she had that old dress with no artificiality, be it colors or smile, on her face.

She looked so beautiful; she felt like a princess.



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