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He was 70 years old, barely able to walk with acute arthritis. He had lost her wife a year back and his son was miles away from him working in USA with his family. He was living a life of mercy, with his nanny.  The festival of Holi was just the next day and like every year all the workers from his factory and his house were getting ready for the grand celebration. He always used to consider the workers as his extended family but without anyone present from his own family, there was no joy for him and he had no wish to be a part of the celebration. He was worried about his factory, his house, his money. But what he was most worried was his legacy.

His son was well established in America. He had no plans of coming back to India, well at least for the next 2 decades. It was not that he did not love his country but he was tired of fighting against politics and corruption. So he wanted to make money back in US and then come back to help his country. He knew that his father had a huge share of wealth and his only intention was to use that money for the betterment of the country. His father’s constant phone calls and lamenting about coming back to India did make him sad but he had no intention of coming back soon. How he missed the Holi celebration back in India!

His son had not seen her father’s birth-land for the last few years. The last time he was in India was three years back on his birthday. When his parents travelled to India for his grandma’s funeral, he was not able to visit India as he was critically ill and stayed back with his nanny. He wanted to visit India soon as he loved their ancestral house in the village. That house lacked the comforts but what he got there was warmth and love. He loved to get along with others and play no-holds-barred Holi which he so very missed in USA.

Rajendranath had to wake up very early in the morning as the doorbell rang constantly. He was pretty disturbed to wake up so early but also happy as his doorbell did not ring much. As he opened the door after a long and tedious walk, he just heard “Happy Holi” from a kid’s voice and was smeared with abir. It was Rajesh, his grandson. His son Rajdeep had given him the best Holi gift.

That was the best things that Rajendranath could have wished for. Although his stayed rooted to his chair for most of the time, his wet eyes did trouble him a lot. Rajdeep called all his friends and relatives and they turned the house into a mad house. Rajesh just loved the fact that he could share time and Holi with his cousins and nieces and how he longed for this kind of unadulterated celebration. Rajdeep’s wife Paramita was so happy to touch the feet of the father-in-law and decorate the photo of her mother-in-law and the house.

The three generations celebrated Holi together after so many years. It was not only the celebration of Holi; it was the celebration of a legacy. It was the get together of not only a family but three different generations who are separated by aspirations but bounded my love.


And here is the link to BLOG from Josephina’s World:

Generation by joseyphina


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