Hidden in your Heart

Drown me deep in your ocean of love,

So that I can never find the surface.

I have not been able to close my eyes,

From the moment I saw your divine face.

When my life gets submerged in despair,

It’s in your lap that I find solace.

Tell me what’s hidden in your heart,

I will keep it a secret with all my trust.


It’s not easy to sleep alone at nights,

Come to my dreams every day.

You’ve held my hands in this journey,

Please never leave me midway.

Seeking you has become my only goal,

Together we’re bound to travel all the way.

Share with me what’s inside your heart,

I will keep it safe from this world unjust.


You will surely feel my absence,

The next time you soak in the rain.

So many unfulfilled wishes in my eyes,

Give me a lot of restiveness and pain.

That our souls have merged into one,

It’s me who runs through your vein’.

What have you concealed in your heart?

Your selfless love can quench my thirst.





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