What have I Done

Lying on my bed with eyes open wide,

A sense of helplessness and fear.

I could feel the black clawy hands near,

The cruel night gave me no place to hide.


I tried to think what I have done,

As the hands tried to choke my breath.

Push me to the hell beneath,

I was sure that I never harmed anyone.


Then I realized my grave mistake,

I tried many ways of hiding my face.

I have become a part of this power-hungry race,

Humanity and sentiments are all but fake.


What have I done to cure someone’s pain?

What have I done to make the world better?

I have just become everyone’s debtor,

Aimless running only behind my gain.


I sat up on my bed sweating profusely,

Was it a dream or the bitter most reality?

It showed me the mankind’s fragility,

Time to give back to the world selflessly.






5 thoughts on “What have I Done

  1. I believe…

    Changing the world is possible if we each realize we already have the tools inside us.

    Therefore, we have enough to give freely to others. The world is not totally near destruction. Thinking that will destroy us.

    We must be the good, see the good, and spread the good.

    Yes WE CAN!

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