With you for Eternity

How magical and peaceful was the night,

The cool breeze and the soothing air.

How I longed for you to be here!

I strolled by the beach in dim moonlight.


I was patient and thoughtful,

As I took a trip down memory-lane.

So pure and vivid like the first drop of rain,

Life back then was so calm and blissful.


Remembered our first trip to sea together,

I slipped in the ring holding your hand.

The cool breeze unfurling your strand,

And we vowed to stay united forever.


We spent the starry night in the beach,

You carried the white scarf dotted with blue.

My first gift was so precious to you,

My head on your lap brought the heaven in my reach.


Suddenly a gush of wind blew the scarf away,

You went to retrieve as the water level rose.

I screamed to stop you before I froze,

The cruel sea engulfed you away.


The breaking wave brought me back to reality,

As it touched my feet to beg forgiveness.

My life was full of guilt and loneliness,

I stepped into water to be with you for eternity.



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