What I Saw

I was there, standing on the other side;

Helpless and scared, numb enough to hide.

The whole world saw a collapsed flyover,

Heaps of concrete, iron and rubble piled over.

What I saw was horrified minds and broken dreams,

The excruciating moans and the agonizing screams.

The army serving with unreserved dedication and grit,

As fresh blood from corpses washed the street.

Politicians continued with their pathetic blame game,

Their antics and words put humanity to shame.

Flowers in buds got crushed before they bloom,

The sad wails of their parents filled with gloom.

The daily earners losing their means to earn,

Not sure tomorrow if their stoves will burn.

Smashed heads and severed limbs crying for help,

A drop of water is just for what they yelp’.

Gas-cutters and cranes were deployed to rescue people,

Sometimes they cut through the bones of the cripple.

Oh God! Don’t spare the ones responsible for this carnage,

Destroy their hopes not lives with all your rage.

Be compassionate with the sufferers that they can start afresh,

Shower on them your blessings and grace.

Give me the courage to forget this nightmare,

Make this world a better place forever.


Note: A flyover under construction (named as Vivekananda Setu) in my bustling city, Kolkata collapsed on Thursday (31st March, 2016) on to vehicles and street vendors below. At least 24 people are dead till  now, with more people feared trapped. A 150 metre long girder (approximately) of the flyover crumbled and fall down.

Read more at: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/03/31/asia/kolkata-bridge-collapse/






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