Oh King

Oh King! Your snoot for wealth and naked greed,

Your futile attempt to preach your wrong deed.

How many statues were erected, battles were won?

Yet you fear to go into oblivion.


Oh King! Your should oversee the welfare of subject,

From all their sorrows and dangers, you need to protect.

But why do you act like a butcher?

Mutilated bodies and shattered hopes give you pleasure.


Oh King! You enjoy the comforts of the royal castle,

Your people languish day and night in hell.

Screams and wails come from their broken courtyard,

The whole nation has turned into a deserted graveyard.


Oh King! The common people will rise up and fight,

You have no idea of their capability and might.

You neither have the heart or wealth to defend,

The day is near when your terror reign will end.



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