Another shadowy night, alone and sleepless;

The sinking feeling of being helpless.

I dare not sleep to avoid the nightmare,

And I ruminate about the times you were here.

I am engulfed in your sweet memories,

Tears fill up my excruciating life-dairies.

You wonโ€™t come back to heal my pain,

Neither will you share my burden.

Youโ€™ve gone far away to be my savior,

Yet my eyes wait for you in despair.

My heart bleeds in the agony of distance,

So much I relied on you for my existence.

I am so broken and shattered inside,

A fake smile is all I have go to hide.

How could you leave me in this world so unjust?

What did I ever do to break your trust?

I miss the warmth of your embrace!

Your charming beam brightening my face.

How I long for your care and adorable touch!

The peace of your lap beckons me so much.

As I am lost in my trance comes another night,

Loneliness is my constant ally in this daily fight.



15 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Touching and truthful.
    The rhyming is mild, which has helped in building a sense of utter loss. This is surely one of your bests.


  2. Used very beautiful words to express such deep emotions, amazing word choice, could really relate and feel through your words. Loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚


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