Diary of a Child Labor

Every day I rise very early in the morning,
My health and wealth is poor from beginning.
I live in a dingy hut
I am scrawny but
There is always a smile brightening my face.

My day begins with a marathon tedious walk to factory,
My daily wage falls immeasurably short of satisfactory.
Factories have strict guidelines
My boss pompously undermines
Somehow I have endured in this murky mess.

An ailing mother, a father worshiping alcohol piously,
In my small hands rest the burden of my family.
Tattered dresses and torn shoe
Guess my bad-luck is unlucky too
No ray of hope yet enters in this sinister life-maze.

So many documentaries and movies are crafted on us,
Debates are organized; politicians make so much fuss.
My condition remains same,
I have got none to blame
Sometimes I wonder if my mourning will ever get less.

I want to develop into a proper human,
Help my country’s growth by any means I can.
I try to study at night
In my hut’s dim light
Even God has stopped showering on me His grace.

stop child labor now



  1. Nicely put into words but the sentences could have kept more abrupt…missed childish fantasy which could have led us to a rude realisation…


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