We Are Not Afraid

So many times you’ve tried to gag our voices,
Your perpetual aim is to destroy humanity.
Every time we have sank to the bottom of our humility,
Every time we have rose from the ashes.

You feel jovial when innocent people die,
Mutilated bodies scattered around make you proud.
Your agents remain hidden among us in the crowd,
Wrath of your actions make the faultless suffer and cry.

Your hands are red yet you feel no penance,
The mother has bathed in the blood of her children.
All you know is how to cause more pain,
You have pushed us to the final limit of our patience.

You think we’re afraid of your terror reign,
Misapprehend our silence as our feebleness.
But time has come to put in some sense,
It’s time to pay back a part of your gifted pain.

Hand in hand, the whole world will fight against you;
No more sorrows but a world of accord and peace.
Only complete eradication will make us feel at ease,
You should know that ‘We Are Not Afraid of You’.



9 thoughts on “We Are Not Afraid

  1. Whatever agony I have felt when I heard the news of Syria-Somalia, however helpless I felt after Paris – everything put into words here and in a just way. Thanks mate. You have our anger, our heart in this one.

    As for a critic ( 😛 ) – take care of words that can be both adjectives and nouns in use. Like, you could simply write “You feel jovial when the innocent die”, leaving ‘people’ out. That becomes less prosaic.


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