Love Story

Lost in her thoughts, tormented and shattered,
Alone I sat in the deserted graveyard.
I knew that I had lost her forever,
The pain was excruciating, unaware how to bear.
The atmosphere was in close harmony with me,
So dull, so gloomy, a winter morning could never be.
How was I longing to see my dear!
With hope in my heart, I waited for her.
Suddenly I saw her sitting just beside me,
Numb were my senses, puzzled to be sad or happy.
Her face was pale, looked beautiful in her curl,
Tears were flowing down like beads of pearl.
The smell of her made me crazy as ever,
Just for once, I could not but touch her.
Our worlds were different, so near yet so distant;
An accident separated us in just an instant.
She looked at the withered flowers, lost their fragrance,
She knew they were priceless, value was immense.
She kissed them; put a new bunch on my grave,
She tried to smile and pretend to be brave.
Motionless and still, she kept staring at me,
I tied but could not embrace my honey.
She then bid me goodbye with tears,
This has been our love story for many many years.

Woman in Mourning at Cemetery in Fall
Woman in Mourning at Cemetery in Fall, with Black Umbrella

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