It was a hot afternoon in the scorching summer,
But I was cool in my air-conditioned car.
Fidgeting with my phone, wearing my new suit and tie;
I had everything that money could buy.
But my face was laden with qualms and pressure,
My life had become a never-ending satire.
There was something I was missing for a while,
I could not remember the last time I did smile.

The red signal halted my dull car,
And it was the first time that I saw her.
She was bare-footed with a torn old dress,
She was selling flowers with no regrets on her face.
She was a little girl but was an angel for me,
Derived of any monetary pleasure and yet so happy.
I kept staring at her for quite a while,
Her pure face was glorified with her cute smile.

I bought some flowers and it felt so good,
Her heartening smile also changed my mood.
The withered flowers felt so bright and fragrant,
My monotonous life became so vibrant.
That little girl taught me a lesson that day,
As we both parted to our separate ways.
For my Egyptian heart she was the river Nile,
After so many days I knew I could again smile.



11 thoughts on “Smile

  1. I like the poem, but I like the concept more than the poem itself. You have got a strong vocabulary under your sleeves and that serves you well ๐Ÿ™‚ I would like to be critical about two things –
    1. The concept of a man losing his smile/ forgetting to smile is an abstract idea and could be used in such a way. Sometime, if a poem doesn’t say everything that we wish to know, the poem becomes more appealing.
    2. You have a very unusual style of AA-BB rhyming which is sort of sweet. But that of those last two lines is not helping. ‘Nile with smile’ sounds out of place.


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