Unsolved Puzzle

The night was perfect, beautiful and bright;

The cool breeze was soothing my wretched soul.

The gentle waves cleansed my soiled feet and filthy body,

Questions and confusions puzzled me if I was ready.

To walk the path laden with burning coal,

Caught in a dark quagmire, no ray of hope in sight.


So many times have I tried to escape from my past,

Every time I was dragged back to the hell.

How I longed for your love and support!

But the ship has wrecked far away from the port.

Will I succeed in this world so cruel?

Or will my life be wasted as an outcast?


Lonely sea-side


6 thoughts on “Unsolved Puzzle

  1. Nice choice of words Prasen. The mood of the poem sets with a sense of longing as well as fear of detachment. I wish it were a bit long; that would have helped the mood. Good luck for your future projects.


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